1. Chris Vitale

    Are You Texting Your Customers?

    It’s no secret texting has become a go-to option with your dealership's prospective customers. In fact, several studies show that more than 98% of your customers will read a text sent to them within two minutes! Not to mention, unlike email, your customer will continue to see the text message in...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    Resource Using Text to Deliver a Better Customer Experience Feb 2020

    Using Text to Deliver a Better Customer Experience at your Dealership J.D. Power 2019 Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study J.D. Power 2019 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study *Prepared for Podium Executive Summary Based on feedback from...
  3. MichaelJ

    Automated SEM Companies

    Does anyone have any experience with drivematic, an automated automotive PPC company? Apparently they run automated ads across text, display, video pre-roll and even Facebook with no long term contract. And does the concept of automating such ads make sense?
  4. Jeff Kershner

    Text Us message conversion from Website and VDP?

    Anyone offering the ability for shoppers to text from their VDP or Website? There are quite a few texting solutions in the market now that allows the customer to text inquire from the dealerships website with more emphasis (buttons) located on the VDP. I'm seeing and hearing so many mixed...