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  1. Dan Sayer

    Did anyone else see AutoTrader Referral traffic tank in GA?

    Without going into the Classified vendor debate, did anyone with AutoTrader notice the Referral traffic (as labeled as Referral) tanked in the last 45 days? After digging into it, pushing the issue with them, insisting they check their UTM structure, I received this email from a regional rep...
  2. georgenenni

    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    I take so much from the Dealer Refresh site, always want to make sure I'm sharing enough. I share the document below nearly every day with some new digital agency who can't seem to figure out how to properly UTM-tag campaign URLs. Click here to download: http://bit.ly/UTMinstructions Feel free...
  3. georgenenni

    Adding UTM to GMB Listing, but keeps reverting back?

    A standard process I implement for dealers is adding a UTM code to their Google My Business listing, so I can gain two benefits: 1) traffic goes into Organic channel vs. Direct, 2) I can seperately track clicks from GMB website link vs. all other organic clicks (on desktop and mobile). I've...