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#RefreshFriday 1st RefreshFriday Technology Audit and Advice

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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New Series: RefreshFriday Technology Audit and Advice

We are kicking off a new RefreshFriday series where we bring a guest expert on to assist a dealer with one of their technologies. And we are kicking it off with Websites.

John Vincent of East Coast Auto has offered up his Dealer.com Honda store as the inaugural technology to advise on. And Uncle Joe Pistell is joining us to offer the advice.

This should be an informative show for all as we will dive into photos, specials, service pages, navigation, about pages, and whether the technology platform can be better used. In full disclosure: John Vincent, Joe Pistell, and Alex Snyder are all former employees of Dealer.com.

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