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Volunteer your Dealership Website!!


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May 19, 2011
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From my seat, the website walk-around is less about web vendor technology and more about the dealer's influence in the site.

I wish more dealers would do that.
The number of cookie-cutter sites I see that look like a vendor boilerplate is very disappointing.
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Uncle Joe
Apr 7, 2009
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John V's https://www.eastcoastcars.net/ mission is all about lead gen because +30% of all sales are from leads. And, like @Jeff Kershner said, they must have a highly dialed in process. In a nationwide study of 600,000 sales by DI, ~7.5% of all sales come from all leads.

I sensed from John's words that he had the attitude and voice of someone working a large store. We heard John talk about how he aggressively pushes into the shoppers face whatever he thinks is important. We see 3 chat windows, and Odyssey banners and eprice lead gen with little concern of the silent shopper that can't be seen.

John's work at EastCoastHonda is hitting on all cylinders. His store has big advantages
  1. They are the ONLY Honda store in Myrtle Beach and they're big! Big Honda stores are 2-3 hours away.
  2. BIG selection of <10k$ cars
His master plan to his success is:
  1. Great Site Nav and special pages
  2. Amazing "Why Buy From Me" messaging everywhere.
  3. Very Good photos and fast too.
  4. All new cars have photos

John's Aggressive lead gen tactics are over taken by a execution of his aster plan on a very high level.

WTG John!

p.s. Johns Amazing "Why Buy From Me" strategy stand out heads and shoulders above most all over dealers I've seen. Start at home page and slowly look at all the work he's done. 2 Thumbs up John!