1. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Why dealer websites & lead forms BLOW | Kevin Frye

    I thought it was all about the LEADS. Hmmmm @kevinfrye of Wyler Automotive started removing traditional lead forms from his dealer website, and conversion went UP ~ ! No lead forms and yet they’re still in business? And while we are at it, let’s talk about why websites blow. Join us LIVE...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Energy is high for FUEL (Platform) | Chris Marshall and AJ Weir

    Fresh off the back of the Napa Valley DMSC conference, energy is high for FUEL. Don’t know what FUEL is? Over The Top (OTT) advertising for streaming devices offered through CARS ( We had Dean Evans on RefreshFriday when FUEL was originally launching and now there is a whole lot...
  3. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Paid search doesn’t work. Prove Ron Morrison Wrong!

    For the next RefreshFriday Paid search doesn’t work. Ron Morrison of PureInfluencer has a strong case for why dealers should cut their budgets. Join us LIVE at 1:00 PM Eastern on Facebook, YouTube, and maaaaybe LinkedIn… we might have our first livestream there! Today. ENJOY THE SHOW!
  4. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday A PureCars Journey with Jeremy Anspach

    Who remembers PureCar Value Reports? Jeremy Anspach joins us this week on RefreshFriday. As founder of PureCars 15 years ago, Jeremy is BACK in the CEO seat. We’ll be discussing his journey along with his latest goals for innovative technology and data-driven services. Jeremy is also set to...
  5. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday EXPLODING Keywords with Erika Simms

    As you’ve been watching your inventory dwindle @Erika simms has been watching your keywords explode! There is absolutely a trend in consumer search happening with much to learn from. If you do any SEO or SEM you’ll want to hear what Erika is seeing. Catch us live on Facebook or YouTube at...
  6. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday One-Day Digital Sales & Marketing Event w/ Cory Mosley

    The ONE and ONLY Cory Mosley joins us this Friday for RefreshFriday! We’re going to catch up with @Cory Mosley to discuss the latest Digital Sales and Marketing strategies that are going to be covered at his next In-Person Online Sales and Success Workshop hosted at TopGolf Richmond, VA on June...
  7. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Used Cars and Hyper-Inflation w/ Jasen Rice

    The fashionable thing to do is cover tight inventory supply because that's what every podcast and stream is about right now. BUT Jasen Rice is here to talk about tomorrow. Not like Saturday tomorrow - like the future tomorrow. Where does all this chip shortage go? What about the transitory...
  8. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Managing through this TEMPORARY Inventory Crises w/ Steve Stauning

    Steve the Sh*t Sandwich Stauning joins is this week for RefreshFriday. We’re talking about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT cut to get through this temporary inventory crisis. @Steve Stauning also wants to discuss Carvana and Vroom at the auto auctions, along with a few other newsworthy items...
  9. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday BDC Anger Management w/ Chris Vitale

    Have you seen @Chris Vitale lately? He looks a lot like an anger management therapist. It truly is impressive what he’s done with his hair.Aside from the Jack Nicholson look-a-like gig, he sometimes moonlights as the Vice President of Phone Ninjas. We’ll concentrate on that job. The topic...
  10. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday What does the Future Franchise Dealership Look Like? |

    The impact of the pandemic continues to shift car buying and selling. The expectation for a more digital-first, come-to-me car buying experience has grown from consumers. And as local dealers across the country are innovating operations to meet changing demands, we are also seeing automakers...
  11. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Connecting Facebook & Google to the Showroom | Justin Rindos of Papas Dodge

    How do you connect your digital marketing on Facebook and Google to the showroom? Papa's Dodge has discovered full transparency and what it means for profit. Yesterday, Justin told us the sales department is out-grossing all other departments combined this quarter. Is there something to what...
  12. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Mobile. Digital. Payments. | Isaac Hernandez of Podium

    Podium launched the ability to accept digital payments after COVID hit and we were curious how that has been adopted. Podium expert, Isaac Hernandez, joins us on RefreshFriday at 1:00 PM eastern to run us through all the changes they’ve seen in the last year. Spoiler: messaging is on fire! If...
  13. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Text Automation, Workflow Management and the Flywheel

    Todd Smith joins us this Friday to discuss his latest article “Moving Your Automotive Dealership to the FLYWHEEL” and how your dealership can use the “flywheel model” will help drive growth momentum that is self-sustaining while reducing operating costs. In this RefreshFriday show, we dive...
  14. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday F Vroom for Dealer-Trashing Garbage w/ Jessica, Darren & Stum

    Vroom! We saw your Superbowl ad and all your other dealer-trashing garbage, Vroom. The DealerRefresh community was ticked at you before the football advertising show <—enjoy that thread The truth is any dealer can beat you. And we have some friends at and DealerInspire who are ready...
  15. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Website Audit of Joe Machens Ford with Anthony Giorgione & Joe Pistell

    This Friday we are continuing our RefreshFriday Technology Audit series. Uncle Joe Pistell will be joining us to review another dealership website. This week we have Anthony Giorgione, the Internet Sales Manager for Joe Machens Ford. Anthony threw his dealers’s website into the bucket for us to...
  16. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Switching Website Providers - What it Takes! w/ Jessica and Erika of Dealer Authority

    Dealer Authority touches all website providers and has helped many dealers move from one website provider to another. @JessicaRobertson and Erika Kay Simms are providing their expertise on what it takes to switch as some of you may contemplate a move with NADA around the corner. Tune in...
  17. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Steve Stauning - Annoying Business Phrases.. and other grumbles

    Awwww… look at that innocent @Steve Stauning - Not sure we can use that “i” word anymore If you don’t know who Steve Stauning is, you can check out his author page on Amazon. That’s where his photo came from. When Steve is on we always have a fun time punching holes in the unspoken truths...
  18. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Brian Finkelmeyer on Managing Your New Car Inventory into 2021

    Hello, first show of 2021! New cars are the theme. New cars for a new year. Brian Finkelmeyer oversees New Car Solutions at vAuto and Cox Automotive. He intrigued us with his last DealerRefresh article about Managing Your New Car Inventory through a Pandemic. We are going to dive into exactly...
  19. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Cliff Banks and 2020 | 2021

    2020 is over... for RefreshFriday after this show at 1:00 PM EST on December 18th. We will be closing down the year with our favorite soothsayer: Cliff Banks. Can we put an end-cap on 2020's meaning to the car business? Who might the winners of 2021 be? Should we look forward to 2021...
  20. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Technology | Website Audit - East Coast Honda & John Vincent

    New Series: RefreshFriday Technology Audit and Advice We are kicking off a new RefreshFriday series where we bring a guest expert on to assist a dealer with one of their technologies. And we are kicking it off with Websites. John Vincent of East Coast Auto has offered up his