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602% rate increase - Cargurus

Dan Sayer

Dec 4, 2009
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Carp?!! Ewwwwwww - Its a Red Drum. They have a breeding run in the fall, very fun....

My personal belief is that every used car is a unicorn - there is not another one like it. If people are in the market for it - they will find it if you put it out there. No need for super duper Executive Premium Diamond Premier listing status. Yes, you will be on page 2 or not at the top but since we have a fairly large used car inventory - last time I checked we were around the 5.5 to 6% market share in our AT/Cars regions - I do not see the need to spend anything more than the bare minimum then negotiate down from there. I have heard good things about CarFax - whats Edmunds? :)lol:) - but AT and Cars are the classics and still show up on page one of the SERPs so I would list my cars there.

Its personal between CG and I - after they told me that the reason my CPO accord that was the only one in 500 miles with less than 12K miles was $5k over a fair deal and displayed that to my customers comparing it to some car farm down in Texas - its was lights out for me. When you start at 110% PTM the last thing you want is your vendor you pay a buttload to telling your customer how bad of a deal they are getting.
Oh, like that kid in The Shining kept chanting. :lol:

I lied. I also have CarFax listings (about a year in). I completely forget about them because I split out their history report cost and expense it differently than their listings. I pay about $600 per store per month for listings (the way I expense them) on CarFax. Yes, very solid result so far. Lower funnel shopper. So I guess I have three major listings. Cost per is still pretty low for us. Edmunds actually sends a crap ton of mobile referrals to our sites with decent conversions.
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