1. John V.

    I Bet Your Website Gets More Traffic Than AutoTrader & Combined!

    The attached report was just sent to me by my AutoTrader rep trying to show that AT gets more traffic than CG and I am pretty sure there are some reps from the all the 3rd party listings on here that would like to chime in one website gets more visits...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    PR & News CarGurus Study - Third of Shoppers Hope to Own an Autonomous Vehicle within 10 Years

    Comfort with self-driving technology grows, but hesitations around safety and cost remain. CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CarGurus ( CARG), a leading global online automotive marketplace, today announced its latest consumer sentiment research focused on autonomous vehicles...
  3. Greg Spencer

    CarGurus Convert digital retail tool?

    CarGurus is offering "early access" to a new digital-retail tool called CarGurus Convert: The press release mentions a Texas dealer...
  4. ChrisR

    602% rate increase - Cargurus

    I think this is the biggest one that Gurus has tried to slam a store I've been at with. Needless to say, I let them know that I appreciate the offer, but won't be continuing my patronage of their service. Alternatively, I was also offered only an option with a 525% increase, or a completely...
  5. Ryan Everson

    Digital Retailing on Third Party Sites?

    Whether dealers like it or not, third party sites like AutoTrader/ are often the first online destination for car shoppers. As digital retailing becomes more prevalent and consumers begin to demand/expect it, how will this affect third party listing sites? Here are five...
  6. Dan Sayer

    If you could only pick two; - CarGurus - AutoTrader - CarFax - KBB

    If you were limited to only two Classified vendors for 2021, which would you choose thinking of USED performance? I had a rule of "2" but have since added a 3rd in order to expand our USED reach. I need to look at perhaps backing it down to 2 again since adding the 3rd increased our cost per...
  7. Dan Sayer

    Sign this CarGurus petition to make us all better.

    I'm going to try something using the power of DealerRefresh and the following on here. I've asked for this change before, and CarGurus says they listen to the dealer body, so I'll try this route. CarGurus combines all data, including SRP and VDP data, into a single number regardless of New or...
  8. Dan Sayer

    [RESULTS of] POKING THE BEAR! What did you pay for CarGurus last month? Use the Form and let's compare!

    As a spinoff of the @Jim Lease post, "Cargurus might be coming for you soon. PRICE INCREASES", and a plethora of previous posts in DR, why don't we just compare in order to encourage CarGurus and others to just be as price transparent as they tell us we should be? I know CarGurus is watching...
  9. Jim Lease

    Cargurus might be coming for you soon. PRICE INCREASES

    We originally signed up with CarGurus in January of 2017. In 2018 they hit us with a 19.5% price increase. In 2019 they hit us with another 16% hike of the ol' monthly rate. Earlier this week I was notified that they are planning to raise our monthly subscription price by 62%. If we don't...
  10. Dan Sayer

    CarGurus - New Vehicle SRP Test?

    In conversations with CarGurus in the past, they have been pretty clear where their focus lies with Pre-Owned Vehicles. In fact, the Dealer Dashboard still doesn't allow for the separation of reporting for New vs Pre-Owned data (SRP, VDP, Connections, etc). This email came this morning giving...
  11. Retail My Ride

    CarGurus suspends free dealer listing option

    Understandable move. Important to protect/incentivize paying dealers to stay on pay plan. Anyone know what percentage of dealers are on their free Restricted (aka Basic) listing plan? Will no longer receive customer leads (more lead volume available for payers)
  12. Christopher Reggie

    CarGurus Stealing Leads?

    Dealers - ITS TIME TO LOCK DOWN YOUR WEBSITE! Across the automotive industry, many dealers are utilizing a CarGurus third-party endorsement badge on their dealership’s website. According to CarGurus’ website, third party endorsement badges help dealers, “close more sales by showing customers...
  13. Dan Sayer

    CarGurus' Sell/Trade and Value feature steers shoppers to Carvana?

    Maybe this has been running for a while? I feel like I was cheated on! I've stood up for CG in this forum when they were accused of scraping the interwebs for everyone's inventory but this is starting to feel like I'm picking the wrong horse. If you click on the Sell/Trade tab on CG and start...
  14. Dan Sayer

    Inverse Relationship Between CarGurus and SRP/VDP Conversions?

    I've been tracking data from our 3rd Party Classifieds for a very long time and one of the (many) items I monitor is the SRP/VDP conversion. I feel this is one of the indicators of how well we are merchandising, pricing, etc our inventory. I've noticed this odd inverse relationship between...
  15. DrewAment

    CarGurus - Dealer Website Badge

    Has anyone done any research or looking into on what exactly this badge does?? Is is really just an image on the website SRP/VDP? Or is CarGurus using this for something more?? A few thoughts/questions ... 1. Why would you brand...
  16. Salik Ansari

    How much do online auto marketplaces (CarGurus, AutoTrader,, TrueCar) charge?

    Hello everyone I'm a stock research analyst (interested in US and Canadian equities) and have just started looking into the Online Automobile Marketplaces space to see if any stocks catch my eye. I have been trying to find the different plans these online auto marketplaces offer to dealers...
  17. M

    CarGurus and selective rule enforcement

    Like any UCM, I am always trying to get my cars out there, and make the best impression on as many sites as possible. Lately I've been getting killed by CarGurus and I've found out why. All of my cars have been pushed into "High Price" or "Over Priced" category because larger stores in the...
  18. Jacques de Molay

    Blackhat CarGurus SEO Tactics PPT that produced

    Blackhat CarGurus SEO Tactics PPT that produced
  19. kevinfrye

    CarGurus - significant drop in traffic?

    Had a visit with CarFax and they shared this graphic below, which indicates that recent changes to the Google algorithm has created a huge drop in traffic with CarGurus (competitor A) down to the level of AutoTrader and Source is SEMrush. Not sure how accurate this is - curious as to...
  20. C BREAKING sold this week

    We recently began using again earlier this year after dropping them a couple years back: What a difference: they have transformed to a complete solution, but more importantly our measured ROI makes large leaps as we began using more products because they interplay between them. As most...