Anybody signed up with the IRS Clean Vehicle credit site?


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Apr 19, 2018
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The one that gives the buyer a 30% credit up to $4,000 and that can be taken off the price right at the time of sale by transferring the credit to the dealer. It took me half a dozen times at the IRS site to fill out the form, as it would often say the service isn't available now, try again later. Finally I got a Conformation on the dealer registration form but nothing by email stating that. I can supposedly go to the site to fill out a sale report, but want to be sure before committing to a sale at 30% off. Has anybody else done this? Do you get any emails from the IRS saying you are registered and good to go? There is absolutely no phone support and a message I sent on Friday for email support hasn't been answered.
Well, I sold a LEAF last week on Ebay for $5,000 to a long distance buyer and I delivered it. He didn't want to give me his SSN and DL online so I could do the online tax credit form ahead of time, so I did it at his house. I was able to process the tax credit, but couldn't do the instant rebate where he would only have to pay $3,500. I explained to him that he will get the credit when he files his taxes next year and that because he didn't want to give me his information, I wouldn't know of this problem ahead of time, so luckily he agreed and I was paid the full amount.

I'm trying figure out why the instant rebate wouldn't process, but there is no phone support and the three emails I've sent have not been answered.
It seems I only applied to process the tax credit and not the instant rebate. OK, so I go fill out the online form at the IRS site for that, but every time I submit it, I get,

service unavailable.jpg

I've been trying AGAIN for the last ten days, three of four times a day. Anyone else encounter this?