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Are OEMs the biggest enemies of dealers?

Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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I was listening to a few podcasts about Digital Retailing this week and it seemed like the evil roadblock has shifted from DMS systems to OEM programs.

We all know how restrictive OEM programs are on dealers' marketing desires, but when you begin to think about margin compression it sounds like a disgusting double punch. Is the OEM fully aware of all the restrictions they put on their retail channels? Do you think they see the bigger picture? Or are dealers missing the bigger picture?

Things OEMs do to suffocate dealers (please add more to this list with your comments):

  1. Taj Mahal showrooms
  2. Maintaining an inventory count that isn't realistic
  3. Pushing dealers to roach cars
  4. Killing the dealer's brand for some bland OEM of City name
  5. Co-op programs
  6. Approved vendors
  7. Pricing policies
  8. Special tools for service to work on specific models

Can we make a list of positives?