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#RefreshFriday Attribution has been achieved by Driven Data

Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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This Friday, @jon.berna and Zach Hendrix are going to dive into the big Driven Data announcement on launching a true attribution model. I just got back from their Indianapolis headquarters and saw the inner pieces of it all. What Jon’s team has done for sales and service predictions and targeting is incredible. The fact that they have done it for over 100 integrated systems is mind-blowing! The data connections they’re making are unparalleled in the car business because they combine the dealer’s CRM, DMS, inventory, and website data. And the cherry on top, that makes it all work, is the simple fact that Berna himself was a car dealer and knows which points are worth connecting.

Their story is so deep it will be hard to nail it tomorrow. I’m hoping we can at least give it a small amount of justice
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Alexander Lau

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Feb 11, 2015
Mars, PA
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@Jon Berna and @Zhendrix are starting to make me believe in Automotive Attribution again. Agreed, their integration protocol (most importantly) is second-to-none and I worked for "rival" (if you can call them that) attribution companies. They pale in comparison, truth be told. Let's face it, a lot of dealers need their hands held, they are unable to interpret data well enough to make business decisions. Their system helps dealers make those decisions without having to decipher data on its own. Burgeoning prescriptive analytics. they'll show you what works and why.
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