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Authenticom CDK Lawsuit Update


Dec 30, 2009
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@Ryan Gerardi

Amazing NADA is not getting involved.

Access restriction = access cost for vendors = increases in pricing

If 10 vendors pay to get your data, dealers will pay the same fee 10 times. Rey and CDK are forcing contracts to vendors where they retain the control of the data. Pretty much even though I pay to get your data (and I will end up having to pass that cost to my clients) they only allow me to use the data for my specific purpose allegating that they are protecting you (you have signed a contract with me to get and use the data!). This is digital mafia.

It is not a small issue; CRM providers may pay as much as $800/month for access. Add another 10+ vendors. Dealers may be paying $2000-3000/month (24000-36000/year) for absolutely no service at all other than “protection”.

NADA needs to get involved on freedom of information flow.
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Mar 17, 2011
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Yes you would think NADA would've gotten involved long beforehand. There are reasons they didn't and if you follow the money I'm sure therein lies your answers.

Here is this week's Refresh Friday broadcast where we opened up about this:

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May 19, 2011
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If they settled and I still can't get CDK data from DealerVault, I will be disappointed.