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Bank of America warns of HYPERINFLATION - Used car values continue to rise!

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Prices are GOING UP!! And not just the value of used vehicles. It's EVERYTHING. Today's market took a DUMP with this news.

Top officials at the Federal Reserve are doing what they can to sugar coat what’s ahead for our economy, telling us we may hit a “transitory” period of inflation that will settle by 2022. But Bank of America is saying something different...the bank’s latest earnings call commentary warned “at the very LEAST” transitory HYPER-INFLATION is ahead.

Mr. Glenn Beck explains what this means for prices of used cars, food, wood, gas, AND for the economy…

Glad I held onto my 2008 MB C-Class versus selling it last year.

What are we/you doing to prepare?


Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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Prior to COVID, inflation was rising under Trump's tariffs within the United States. Crunches on supply from China that we have had for decades was going to impact supply in America as US manufacturing ramped up. The price of lumber was already on the rise during the Trump years.

COVID shifted it to a global impact. And then our government exacerbated it by printing obnoxious amounts of money. I heard we created 40% of the money supply in the last year :crazy:

Speaking of the Fed, they've kept interest rates relatively the same since 9/11/2001. Twenty years is a really long F'ing time to do that!

Not to mention we are in the midst of the greatest transfer of wealth to the top 1% in known human history. Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced, and when Bill writes the check the bank is going to bounce :rofl: