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Calendar Invites - Sharing / Forwarding


3rd Base Coach
Apr 30, 2009
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If you are a vender - why in the world would you send out a calendar invite that is locked from being forwarded/shared - or lock the ability to invite other people by your attendees?

Imagine sending a calendar invite to a IM or MM. Who does some "pre-recon" on your pitch and thinks the GM should come. If he forwards a "locked invite" to the GM, that GM is unable to add it to there calendar by just a click. And, in some cases he wont even see the date/time info -- just a bunch of links (zoom, webex, etc) -- and he now has to manually add to his calendar, if he even wants to take the time.

We are not the NSA, and nothing we do in the car dealership world is a secret, security risk, or "special" -- even if you think your AFD and widget are going to revolutionize the business.

I hereby declare that all meeting invites should be sharable and open to forwarding and invites - STOP THE MADNESS!

** too many programs, calendar, email -- (Outlook, gMail, GoDaddy, etc etc) -- to go into how to "unlock" in each. If you don't know if/how - google it, or run tests on your meeting invites by sending one to OUTSIDE your org, then trying to forward that invite to someone else outside your org.

Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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I didn't even know you could lock out sharing a calendar invite :dunno:

Definitely locking Drew out of the next one :eyepoke:
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