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CARFAX Service Loyalty Program


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Apr 30, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
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Has anyone else seen this, or sat through the pitch from your local rep?


Part of their pitch is to do an email blast asking your customer to sign-up and install the app.


So, my thoughts - Keep in mind that app interaction (information) has actually gone DOWN this last year... excluding the GAMES category. Most people don't want to install an app to get notices on their cars, vehicles, stock accounts, sports updates, etc. People are moving more towards just going to the website (which should be mobile friendly). It is going to be a HARD sell long term to the customer. Esp with websites moving to more HTML5 and sites that will fit on any size screen. We should really be asking what their APP attrition/uninstall rate is...long term their goal may just be to get customer data.

And, how annoyed is the customer going to get with reminders from OEM, OEM Madated Programs, CarFax, our own systems CRM, etc...at what point does it stop?

Also the question that needs to be asked is... what does CarFax do with the DATA? We are essentially giving up our customer base to them, which they can now use to market the customer in other ways if they wanted. What guarantees do we have that our data is OUR data. Not just in raw information, but additional cross tagging as well? Think re-targeting if the customer visits or uses the CarFax site.
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