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Cars.com 2017 Influencer Summit - Simplifying Dealer Attribution

Mar 17, 2011
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On February 9th, thirteen industry players from outside the Cars.com family attended a one-day roundtable discussion to explore ideas on how the auto industry can lock arms to bring solutions to dealers around the difficulties of their marketing attribution.

During this roundtable discussion, Cars.com CEO Alex Vetter kicked things off with a State of the Industry address that reflected on the industry in 2016 as well as share how Cars.com is continuing to build a decision engine for consumers and a growth engine for its advertisers, which led into a multi-hour roundtable discussion with everybody there.

You can read the blog post Simplifying Attribution to Propel Efficiencies and Profits for a list of these attendees and a comprehensive breakdown of everything that went on in the Summit, and we welcome everyone's input on the subject of dealer attribution.