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CDK Third Party Access Pricing Guide

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Below is a link to the latest CDK Global Partner Program Pricing Guide

CDK says that their pricing philosophy for 3rd Party access to your dealerships data is simple and provides the most secure way to access your own DATA while "delivering efficient integration and marketing advantages."

Integration fees are charged to each 3rd Party Partner based on the type of integration needed.

What are you paying?

Click here to download the PDF



Note: Prices are per dealer, per month, and are subject to change. Pricing is representative of common packages/extracts and is not inclusive of all packages/extracts. Each partner product is priced based on the category it is assigned to and the integration required. Some categories may have different pricing than listed above. Other program fees per partner application include a one-time upfront development fee and a one-time per dealer setup fee. Pricing is exclusive to CDK data access services and does not include Managed Data Services.


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Dec 30, 2009
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Wrong thread tittle @Jeff Kershner;

"New fees your vendors will have to pass on to you"

"How companies profit from selling your data"

"Reducing vendor choices with data restrictions"

"Creating an unfair marketplace" (CDK companies don't have to pay these so they can be "cheaper" then other, possibly, better solutions)

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May 24, 2017
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I believe there is also an application fee, vetting process and a integration fee that is at least $10,000 (but it may be somewhere closer $40,000) - I would have to dig up the docs
Apr 14, 2016
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I investigated integrating my paper scanning software for invoices, deal jackets and ROs. They quoted me a $30,000 upfront integration fee plus an annual renewal, plus roughly $200/mo/rooftop - outrageous. On top of that, their software is old school and clunky in it's integration, which probably accounts for the high cost. And they controll (read biased and favoritism) who they allow in. I am integrating with Dealertrack instead, who has a great, open API and reasonable program. Here's Dealertrack's program page. This quote at the top of the Opentrack page sums up the difference between Dealertrack and CDK: "..Opentrack platform that allows you to choose which providers work best for your business, not your DMS." I've signed an NDA with Dealertrack so can't share any costs but it's way more reasonable and tech savvy.

I'll be integrating to other DMS systems rather than fight with CDK. I don't work for Dealertrack and I don't care what DMS you use, but it's YOUR data and you should be able to integrate to it any way you like as long as it meets security requirements. I talk to dealers and other DMS companies every day and they all say they're investigating switching or that most of their sales(DMS) are take-aways from either CDK or Reynolds, who's even worse.
I guess this is why Reynolds and CDK are getting sued.