1. DealerRefresh RefreshFriday  Ep. 8 Cliff Banks talking Fortellis, CDK, and Digital Retailing

    DealerRefresh RefreshFriday Ep. 8 Cliff Banks talking Fortellis, CDK, and Digital Retailing

    Ep. 8 - What is CDK's Fortellis developer API offering? Cliff Banks of the Banks ReportGET NOTIFIED: SUB!
  2. Jeff Kershner

    PR & News Ansira Completes Acquisition of CDK’s Digital Marketing Business

    This morning @CliffBanks broke the news on Ansira Partners finalizing the purchase of CDK Global Digital Marketing Business. April 22, 2020 — Ansira Partners this morning announced it has finalized the purchase of CDK Global Digital Marketing Business and is renaming it Sincro. including all...
  3. EmilyJSpellman

    Brand new to the industry- HELP!

    Hey! I am absolutely brand new to the auto industry and was just hired by a dealership as their Digital Marketing Manager. I am coming from a multi-faceted background. For many years I worked in marketing and communications for non-profits where I handled mostly designing, email marketing...
  4. LRED

    New CDK Service connect to nowhere

    Has anyone noticed in the last month that CDK no longer has a direct connect to file a trouble case? Instead they shoot you directly to their community and you look to see if anyone else is having the same problem? So we are paying a premium for business support and getting what an end user...
  5. Alexander Lau

    UserWay (Accessibility Plugins for Dealer Websites) UserWay is a pioneer in innovative website accessibility technologies We provide helpful accessibility plugins that work without refactoring your website's existing code and will increase compliance with WCAG 2.0, ATAG 2.0, ADA, & Section 508 requirements. ----------------...
  6. GerryFoster

    Thank you pages, Form abandonment tracking

    My apologies if this has been posted before. I looked through some of the search results for the forum and didn't see it right away... I come from the land of agency work and have switched into an in-house role in a dealership. It has its fair share of challenges to be sure but the one I...
  7. George Nenni

    Why do CDK lead forms need Zip Code?

    We know that an increasing percentage of shoppers say they prefer the shopping journey to occur on mobile, so why are mobile lead conversion percentages lower vs. desktop? They are, I see it in GA for dealers across the board, paid search converts at a lower % vs. desktop/tablet. I get it...
  8. ryan.gerardi

    Cox sues CDK, cites anticompetitive practices

    So this is happening now...
  9. A

    PR & News ActivEngage Joins CDK at Digital Dealer 23 to reveal Concierge Chat within CDK Next Gen Website

    The full release can be found here: ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ActivEngage, Inc. will join CDK Global (Nasdaq: CDK) at Digital Dealer 23 in Las Vegas...
  10. Jeff Kershner

    CDK Third Party Access Pricing Guide

    Below is a link to the latest CDK Global Partner Program Pricing Guide CDK says that their pricing philosophy for 3rd Party access to your dealerships data is simple and provides the most secure way to access your own DATA while "delivering efficient integration and marketing advantages."...
  11. Scottymax13

    Recommendations for Vehicle Document Scanning & Archiving?

    Was wondering if anyone out there had recommendations for RO, Parts, and dealer jacket scanning and archiving? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Scottymax13

    Third Party Scanning experiences?

    Hey guys, just wanted some feedback on all of your third party scanning experiences. What did you enjoy about the software and what are some things that they could work on. I appreciate all the feedback!
  13. Jeff Kershner

    What are the TOP CRM Reports are you looking at each day?

    I don't care what CRM you're using... what are the most important reports that you MUST review each day? The GO TO reports you MUST review each morning in order to track your team's performance - on "internet" leads. And not so much "marketing reports", unless it corresponds to tracking a...
  14. Chris Leslie

    CDK Sites Launch New Price Watch Button

    So yesterday I was doing some changes to one of our sites and I see that on our VDP's there is a new button that says "Price Watch". I click it and it pops open a nice little box that says to enter my email address to get updates when the price of this vehicle changes. I'm thinking to myself...