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Data Your Way?

Last 6 months only 6 results on Google (2 being from DR) the one article has a transcript of an interview. So look like it's still super new

Here is section on Data Your Way

[00:19:00] Ankit Raheja: to do some kind of a co development with them. We did it for one of our product offering called Data Your Way. It's a data product, it's not an AIML product, but that's what we did. We got their feedback, and we launched the product within a few months after working with them. After the co development phase, next came for us, the beta stage.

[00:19:25] Ankit Raheja: There we expanded our sample set to around 15 dealer groups. There's a difference between dealerships and dealer groups. One dealership group can have multiple dealerships under them. So we worked with 15 dealerships for our beta stage. And finally, We launched our product after they being in beta for for, for a few months and now the product is in GA.
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Curious if any dealers have been using Data Your Way and built out their own reporting from the DMS system. Would love to learn more about it if anyone is using it!
I am in the middle of setting this up with our group. So far it has been easy to configure and schedule the exports. The CDK data team was great. Right now I'm working on unpacking the schema and finding the right combination of Table and Field names to use. Seeing a lot of useful data so far. I'll keep this thread updated as I move further along here.