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DealerRefresh Redesign in the works

Discussion in 'Making DealerRefresh Better' started by Alex Snyder, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. Alex Snyder

    Alex Snyder
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    May 1, 2006
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    A little over a year later we're finally close to getting this redesign over the curb. It isn't that we have been working on this for over a year in a fulltime effort... if we did it would be time to GTFO :youwin:

    Progress has been slow because we have 15 years of blog content and 10 years of forum content we're trying to combine. The blog is on the www.dealerrefresh.com domain with the forum on forum.dealer.com as a subdomain with each being different technology platforms. Even though we have not 100% committed to splicing the Wordpress content into Xenforo we're getting much closer to pulling that trigger.

    In the meantime, we are VERY CLOSE to launching a new UI experience for both. It is one that should bring the two platforms closer together with a touch of modern cleanliness. Plus some extra functionality goodies we can all benefit from.

    @craigh@craigh has continued to be a HUGE help :thumbup: - thanks bud!
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