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Dealertrack User Feedback Wanted - Add Paper Scanning Capability

John Bergquist

Green Pea
Apr 14, 2016
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Process, Product, and People are supposedly the 3 pillars of a dealership. I automate the Process piece using software tied to Dealertrack and then offset the entire cost thru a 4-Step Accounts Payable Automation & Rebate program back to the dealership so you usually end up with no net cost.

I'm looking to poll the community for those Dealertrack Owners, CFOs, Controllers, and Accounting folks interested in automating your backoffice paper process. What would your priority be if you could eliminate and automate your paper process at no cost? (read our LinkedIn article to find out about the no cost part). Specifically, would you want to scan and automate your paper A/P Invoices, or Deal Jackets, or ROs first?

Before you comment, I am interfacing our paper document scanning software for Dealertrack and the most frequent paper problem I get asked to solve is that of A/P Invoices. So we'll be focusing on Invoice integration to Dealertrack first and I'm looking to confirm this with the community here. Would that match with your back office priorities to automate first if you had a choice?

To be clear, our software ends up typically costing nothing or close to nothing because of our offsetting A/P Rebates which is a new trend in ePayments worth discussing in your 20 Group if you haven't already. Our scanning software also does way more than just a simple electronic filing cabinet after the fact which doesn't do you any good during the process. Our software can scan upfront and automatically read what's printed on any invoice, deal jacket, and RO and interface to Dealertrack so the whole process becomes electronic. Once digitized, you no longer have to route paper invoices or paper deal jackets around manually for approval. This also eliminates having to manually type invoice data into Dealertrack, which is a complete waste of staff time. It also eliminates the manual GL coding of non-PO A/P invoices into Dealertrack. But that's not all.

Better yet is the "no cost" aspect of this add-on for Dealertrack users to automate their paper process, interface that to their Dealertrack DMS, and generate offsetting cash rebates to pay for the software automation. This is a new trend made possible when you combine newer A/P Automation Software with an emerging trend in A/P to pay vendors electronically in a specific way (not ACH) that earns you cash rebates. You can learn more about this by reading our LinkedIn article titled "4 Keys to Make Accounts Payable a Revenue Generator"

I look forward to your comments and just list what your priority to automate would be, if you have one, in your comment as "Invoices", "Deal Jackets", or "ROs". Thanks.
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