1. LRED

    New CDK Service connect to nowhere

    Has anyone noticed in the last month that CDK no longer has a direct connect to file a trouble case? Instead they shoot you directly to their community and you look to see if anyone else is having the same problem? So we are paying a premium for business support and getting what an end user...
  2. Jpopp1719

    Reynolds CRM?

    Hello Everybody! We are currently shopping for a new DMS & CRM System. The idea of 1 system with Reynolds is intriguing for us since we are used to a hub and spoke concept that we currently have with Quorum and Elead One. With that being said, who uses Reynolds DMS and CRM vs. Who uses...
  3. John Bergquist

    Dealertrack User Feedback Wanted - Add Paper Scanning Capability

    Process, Product, and People are supposedly the 3 pillars of a dealership. I automate the Process piece using software tied to Dealertrack and then offset the entire cost thru a 4-Step Accounts Payable Automation & Rebate program back to the dealership so you usually end up with no net cost...
  4. Scottymax13

    Recommendations for Vehicle Document Scanning & Archiving?

    Was wondering if anyone out there had recommendations for RO, Parts, and dealer jacket scanning and archiving? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Scottymax13

    Third Party Scanning experiences?

    Hey guys, just wanted some feedback on all of your third party scanning experiences. What did you enjoy about the software and what are some things that they could work on. I appreciate all the feedback!
  6. Jlewis74

    IF you are FED up with ReyRey and CDK!!!

    I posted this as a reply in another thread but wanted to put it up here also. I have seen many threads with people griping about RR and CDK and I don't blame you. Here is the best advice I can give.... SWITCH to a new DMS!!!!!! I don't care how large you are you have options. I do not work for...
  7. BradyFerron

    Reynolds and Reynolds - AutoNews Piece

    I'm just gonna leave this right here ... Thoughts?
  8. Steve Stauning

    Did DealerBuilt DMS Really Get Hacked?

    I am curious if this is a true news story about a major data breach at DealerBuilt: It's only on and nowhere else. If it's true, why hasn't Automotive News picked it up? If it's not, who...
  9. R

    DealerBuilt DMS

    I recently saw a presentation from DealerBuilt DMS. Seems too good to be true... Appears to have all the features and benefits of a Reynolds or CDK system - without any of the heartburn inherent in dealing with those two companies. Any thoughts?
  10. Chris Leslie

    Owners Buying Same Model

    I am wondering if anyone out there has any data showing if an owner of a model is more or less likely to buy the same newer model. Or do they look at something totally different? Do they go from a Cruze to an Impala for example. Or do they go from a Cruze to a newer Cruze? I am able to...
  11. blackpool5

    Dealertrack and Dealersocket and leaving Reynolds

    Good Morning, I am currently looking at Dealer track to replace my Reynolds system and also replacing contact management with Dealer socket regardless of the DMS I choose. Reynolds are saying that even though Dealer socket is an approved vendor with Reynolds that they don't allow full access so...