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Digital Marketing for Fleet / Commercial Departments

Marc Lavoie

3rd Base Coach
Jan 3, 2019
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You can cover the basics by adding a remarketing campaign pushing that entity for anyone interested in Pickup Trucks and/or commercial on your groups websites. You could use FB, IG, YT to push your new site.
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Dan Sayer

Dec 4, 2009
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Here’s our preview link - https://garberfleet.wpengine.com/ , I would love everyone's thoughts and any guidance you can give as to what other dealers are standing out that I can get additional inspiration from.
I love it. And that video is killer crispy without slowing down page load. We are just getting into a Commercial push with a dedicated rep knocking on doors right now. We can report Commercial as Retail units which help our marketshare whereas Fleet doesn't count. Our Ford Fleet we've had for years and may be the largest in our region but we do it strictly off government RFPs so there is no site, no marketing, etc. Just a dude sitting at home, killing it completely separate from the Retail New Car department.

I am curious how you proceed with the process side? Is your team handling Commercial leads and Fleet? We have found that we can sell our Service size and benefits to small business as "up time" seems to be the main concern within those Commercial relationships. I think it's less about the truck and more about Service convenience and cost on Commercial business. Ford is leading out on this as announced in the dealer meeting last week. We have our Mobile Ford Service units but I don't think they've moved yet. Our Fleet business seems to be more price of unit as many of them ship out or have a fleet service center within the government entity.
Jan 23, 2020
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We do a conquest email blast 2 times per month by SIC code. We also separate our google PPC for commercial. We have also in the past used a 8.5x11 direct mail targeting specific businesses by revenue. Also look into the WP all import plugin. You would be able to manage your own feed that way right into the site. We are one of the largest volume commercial dealers in the northeast.