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Digital Retailing: I want...

Chris Cachor

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Apr 29, 2011
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I think the major issue is there's no easy way to identify the more "transactional" customer. These are the buyers showing up basically to take delivery and sign paperwork. I personally don't think there's all that many of them so altering the whole sales funnel/process for this doesn't make sense to me. Probably better to have a few people trained with this model and the software and let them prove the model.


Dec 2, 2009
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I was delivering cars to peoples' houses in 1997. There's always been ways to make things easy for the customer.

I think the trick is being flexible enough to be hands-off when necessary, a little handsy if called to be, and full hands WHEN NEEDED. Simply be prepared to meet the customer at their pace.

The folly all-of-a-sudden is that there's a vendor space saying "you don't need the dealer to make this an easy and streamlined experience." The only thing truly proven is that this vendor space doesn't quite understand retail operations.
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Feb 17, 2015
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AS A auto salesperson who is also a consumer, I WANT a car dealer to price a car with their fees built in (ie: $695 prep fee, $999 pre-delivery inspection fee, blah blah) online SO THAT I don't have to hang up on them, and look for better transparency. The only extra fees I want to see are the DMV costs.

I recently contacted a Long Island NY Nissan dealer selling a Nissan CPO Rogue I might have been interested in. They also said there was a $999 Certification Fee + $695 Dealer processing -- along with the typical $75 doc fee for most NY dealers + DMV.

As a former Nissan dealership ISM and Digital Director, we had no extra fees, and Certification from Nissan was about $350. That was built into the retail price.

I don't want to pay the pack, front end profit, certification, processing fees + NY doc and DMV. Sheesh.
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May 29, 2018
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After much consideration:
I want to save our customers time using digital retailing.

You never get that back and it is the most valuable thing you have and less of it every day... if you're lucky

So many stores concentrate on having hair salons, food, popcorn, dancing shows etc. etc.

The dealer is like the dentist:
  • Its going to hurt
  • Its expensive
  • I don't want to go till I absolutely have to
Saving customers time so they do not have to endure our floor show... thats what they want :)

In my humble opinion
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