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Driving with Alexa - Amazon In Your Car

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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The upcoming 2022 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will come with Amazon integration. Amazon’s software will be accessible from both the main display and rear seat screens. Fire TV for Auto is designed to work alongside Uconnect 5, with added support for Amazon’s Alexa Auto technology for things like smart home controls.

Making it easier to drive - shop - buy at the same time. :rocks:

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Colin Rodger

Green Pea
Feb 5, 2019
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Not sure I need that much connectivity, but it's nice to have the option I guess. I remember when getting CarPlay seemed like a big deal. We use Amazon Music through CarPlay, not sure I need more than that.

Also, HUGE pet peeve of mine, I hope the remote isn't $400 to replace (Fire TV in the Wagoneer comes with a remote). We have a Sienna with a screen for the kids that we use only for road trips, kiddos lost the remote, the replacement is FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS.....we did not buy it....out of principle.
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