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DR Webinar E-Commerce: Not Just for Millennials

Mar 17, 2011
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Millennials differ substantially from previous generations when it comes to how they shop. This is equally as true for household items and consumer electronics as it is for cars.

Dealers, however, because of the unique complexity to shopping and buying cars, are faced with tremendous new challenges when it comes to embracing e-commerce, but they still need to adapt to accommodate this generation of shoppers.

In this DealerRefresh Web Chat with Rune Hauge, Head of Growth at Drive Motors that aired in September 2017, we explored the shopping behaviors of millennials, their core values, and how dealers can enhance the shopping experience, not only with this demographic, but all modern-day shoppers now and into the future.

Talking points include:
  • Who millennials are and their buying habits
  • What your dealership can do to win over millennials as customers
  • Digital tactics that you can implement today
How to Watch

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Got it, Ryan's talking about something super important here. Buying stuff online, like cars, isn't just for young people anymore. Everyone's doing it now - older folks, parents, pretty much anyone. It's super handy because you can check out cars from home, no need to go to the store.

Car shops are getting smart about this. They're making it easy and fun for everyone to shop online. They're adding cool features like virtual test drives, so it feels like you're really there.

Also, there's a big buzz about electric cars. People care about the planet, and REMOVED is getting popular.

So yeah, shopping online for cars is a big deal now. It's not just a young people thing. Dealers that get this and make their online shopping cool and easy are the ones who'll do really well.

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