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Mar 7, 2022
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The memory of selling vehicles pre-pandemic is fading faster with each passing day. Nearly gone are the ‘what brings you in today’ in-person conversations; now replaced with ‘scroll, view and click’ actions taking place on smartphones and laptops by customers located just about everywhere.

As an auto retailer trying to source and sell used and new cars in this new environment, perhaps you’re seeing the silver lining and reaping the benefits from the abrupt changes the pandemic forced upon consumers and the automotive retail industry.

Here are the top four competitive advantages that car dealers should leverage for maximizing their digital retail growth.

Advantage #1: Your local market is now nearly boundless

More people than ever are now buying new and used cars online. This means your target market could be anywhere, especially if you provide home delivery services. When a dealer is able to offer shipping estimates and home delivery right on their vehicle details web pages, their local market goes from a hundred-mile radius to a thousand.

Current research shows that between 25 and 35 percent of all new car sales in 2020 were closed online, while less than three percent of vehicles were purchased online before the pandemic.

Advantage #2: Reverse auto logistics is already in place

Fewer consumers in physical storefronts mean fewer trade-ins and lower inventories of used cars to sell. With lack of new and used car inventories and consumer demand steady, if not high, retailers are finding new ways to source vehicles. Auctions are an obvious choice, but some dealers are now buying inventory directly from consumers.

Reverse auto logistics is being used for trade-ins, returns and even vehicle acquisitions to help stabilize used car inventory. Dealers are buying from consumers and picking up vehicles right in their driveways.

As the leader in single-unit vehicle moves, Montway is an ideal partner for reverse logistics. We can pick up cars and trucks anywhere in all 50 states and have them delivered to your dealership, auction or anywhere they need to go.

Advantage #3 Your website can do the heavy lifting

When looking to potentially purchase a vehicle online, many consumers will start their shopping journey by conducting research, customizing vehicle options and then finishing their purchase in a physical dealership. But now, many want a seamless car buying experience completely online, requiring dealerships to transport vehicles to consumer homes or other designated locations.

Dealers should think about how to integrate the online and in-person experiences to give consumers a consistent and personalized experience. For strictly online buyers, providing door-to-door shipping estimates, vehicle delivery and trade-in pickup are essential.

Advantage #4: You’ll be ready for the next disruption

All those practice fire drills that entailed shifting priorities, reallocated resources and pivoting strategic plans will serve dealers well in the future. Start mitigating unnecessary risks now.

How else can you be prepared for just about anything? Get the right logistics partner in your corner and keep them there. Pick one with the resources, technology and innovative think-tank acumen to bring you the solutions and services you need when you need them.

Efficiencies, opportunities and options abound for auto retailers

Consumers want a more efficient car buying process and dealerships are taking notice by updating their websites, renovating their showrooms, getting resourceful with inventory management and providing home delivery.

Vehicle home delivery is an essential part of a successful digital auto retail program. Consumers are demanding it and they’ll get it from one retailer or another. With the right logistics partner on your side, you can offer your consumers a more pleasant and streamlined car shopping and buying experience that includes home delivery, trade-in pickups and even additional selling opportunities.
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Is there a Montway technology that embeds in the dealer's website?
Yes, Montway has a proprietary Home Delivery solution for dealerships. It consists of a widget that integrates into your vehicle details pages, allowing your customers to get pricing quotes along with a shipping estimate for home delivery. This technology captures leads after a shipping quote request has been made for timely follow-up by a sales rep. Dealers also have access to a custom portal that provides full transparency from quote to delivery. You can learn more about our Home Delivery Solution here: