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GMB Suspended Due to Quality Issues

Dec 23, 2019
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Our main GMB (Google My Business) listing was suspended today "due to quality issues". We are working with our SEM company to get this hard suspension resolved as quickly as possible. During the conversation they mentioned that there had been a few hundred suspensions. Is anyone else experiencing a recent suspension or have you heard if this is an industry-wide issue? As far as we can tell in our GMB account we are meeting all of the guidelines for our listing, but obviously something is off. The stories I'm hearing on the web of re-instatement taking a few weeks to a few months are scary to say the least. Any advice pertaining to this situation is welcome as well. Thank you.
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Sep 6, 2019
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Wow - yeah I have not seen that. Our company manages about 300+ GMB accounts, more splitting them up for Service and Parts. When we started working with the GM team at Google about optimizing Google My Business, he referenced there is a specific team that only handles GMB internally for Google. Cant remember if it is Dealership only - but obviously that is where you need to get to. I will reach out and try and get a contact name/email. However stay tuned due to the holidays.


Jan 7, 2013
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  1. What information have you recently changed?
  2. Did you add areas to your SAB (service area business) outside your physical address and leave physical address displayed? Meaning you're located at 123 Main, Anytown, USA, but SAB says you service Anothertown, USA. Trying to cheat GMB...
  3. Do you have multiple businesses located on GMB at a single address? Example a listing for each ABC Dealer Sales, ABC Dealer Parts, and ABC Dealer Service all at same address and phone?

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