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Google My Business adds inventory

Apr 27, 2021
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Hi, who are you using for the listing on Google. I have one company that I set up a call with, Automotive Only. Looking for other options to talk to before making a decision. Thanks!
Hi Loris. I work for Automotiveonly. Hopefully we will earn your business. Either way we wish you much success!!

Rick Buffkin

Sausage King of Chicago
Oct 29, 2009
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Any of you guys have this feature on both your mobile and desktop GMB listings now. I just saw it on ours. Could be gone in the the morning. Who knows :)

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Greg Spencer

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Aug 7, 2020
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It looks like the GMB inventory ads have evolved from just mobile to mobile + desktop. Plus they've added a pop-up panel that shows larger format photos of listings you click on. I notice, though, when you click on the blue call-to-action words (e.g. "buy" or "learn more") you're sent directly to the VDP on the dealer's site.

I Googled a few dealership names from my desktop computer and can see some dealers' GMB panels have inventory ads, but most don't. I reckon you have to be actively participating in this project in order for the feature to work.


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3rd Base Coach
Apr 30, 2009
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We've been live for almost an entire month at 1 store and have UTM tags on the URLs. Results thus far.....1, yes 1, website visitor.

We saw similar results. And we also saw a decrease in SRP/VDP traffic from Google organic. You might see the same if you look at your logs.

A few comments:

1. Over 95% (stupid made up stat, but it is almost all) of the traffic is from customers looking for your dealership by NAME.

2. Customers viewing on inventory on GMB can't be retargeted - on sem, display, social, etc

3. Limited control over pricing, and displaying of OEM offers. No rebates, no APR specials, no lease specials, etc.

4. No cross selling other same/similar inventory

etc etc

I am still recommending removal of GMB inventory listings for all my stores. At least until we have some solid stats and info on WIIFTD.
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Apr 9, 2011
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I noticed this as well.

Maybe this will double the referral traffic these GMB listings are driving from 10 clicks per month to 20 clicks per month? :rofl:
Always dropping little truth bombs.

There was such a hard push from EVERYONE to get this set up as soon as possible or else.

And..... boy is it underwhelming so far.