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Google Third Party Policy Update


Sr. Refresher
Apr 30, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
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Just received this email (image below) from Google - pretty interesting!

A few points:

1. Management fees -- wow, required that they must be disclosed? I love this! Esp for the "big" OEM mandate companies that charge a %% of spend!

2. AdWords or AdWords Express customer IDs -- Must give them up?? This is going to hurt some venders - and I also love this. Technically the account "owner" is the business being advertised - not necessarily the person paying the bill. I have captured back a few AdWords accounts for clients that vendors locked and would not give back with this policy.

For anyone that cares - you can read the whole policy here:

Now my question is -- are you going to hold your vendor accountable to follow the rules??

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