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#RefreshFriday Guest Suggestions

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Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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Those are good suggestions Rick :thumbup:

@Daniel J. Mondello would be a lot of fun. Speaking of some other fun ones…. we're firming a date up with @Jeffrey Tognetti right now. The man who exposed SpinCar and the ruthless industry siphoning your data underneath your nose. Depending on schedules @Mike Phillips might be able to join us on that one.

Sean Bradley is going to be on September 14th. I love talking to him about CRM and the crazy things he sees in his travels. He's super entertaining too.

Other things we are working on, but can't promise they are going to happen:

  • The story of taking Dealer.com from nothing to $1 billion with Mike Lane & Rick Gibbs. The two founders who rode it from the start to the sale as COO and CEO.
  • What is it like to compete with Goliaths? Votenza CRM's Jock Frees.
  • Cliff Banks and @jon.berna being on more often. Like @Stauning.
  • Something with @brianpasch, but we haven't landed on a topic yet. Suggestions?
  • My old friend Dean Evans (Hyundai CMO) has expressed an interest in coming on at some point down the road. I'd love to hear his perspective on OEM programs.
  • Is Vermont becoming the "Silicon Valley" of automotive with @Matt Murray, @Mike DeCecco, Mike Lane, and a surprise guest or two.
  • We have to a do a show with Stan Sher at some point.

Rick Buffkin

Sausage King of Chicago
Oct 29, 2009
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Someone else who would possibly be a good candidate for a Refresh Friday debate episode would be https://forum.dealerrefresh.com/members/ruggles.2152/ . Possibly?!?!? There was a thread here in the forums that went on for miles with him included in it. I would love to see a Refresh Friday episode with him on the topic of "How to increase Gross Profits In a Digital Age".
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Jan 15, 2010
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Brian Benstock is always leading the way and seems to see the future of the industry about five years earlier than most folks.
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