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I am lost in the world of finance...please help!

Jan Evans

Jul 28, 2021
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Hello I am not sure if this will help your problem or not. So start on the DealerTrack homepage, then hover over the tab on the top that says "Lenders", then click "Partner Communication", which will then take you to the old dealertrack page and it should automatically put you under the Lenders tab. From that tab it should show under that a few options in which you will click the one that says "Rates & Programs", then it'll pop up a few more options underneath that and you will click "Retail Rates". It should show you all your credit unions & banks and there programs.

Shoot for there guidelines it tells you and from there you should be good. If they decline just call and ask the lender simply "why?" and treat them like a human being and they will be nice back there's no huge pressure like some finance managers act like everything is sooo hard lol.

I am not sure how new you are to finance but remember just because the score is high doesn't mean its a good buy for the bank. You need to look at the depth to there credit to make sure there not a "First Time Buyer". You also need to see if they are maxing out there credit cards and have an escalating debt. Depending on the lender they may go off Kelley Blue Book or JD Power and they will only give you a certain percentage of the book value depending on the customer. For low score customers they sometimes will go off out the door numbers and wholesale book. And for high score customers they will go off retail book. Just take it day by day and slowly learn the programs.

If you have any questions feel free to message me. I wished there was someone to help me when I first started!


Mar 17, 2014
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I am lost too. I run a business, but I cannot see where my money goes. https://mcdanielcorp.com/ this is the company that takes care of the financial part. They saved my ass with the tax deduction during Covid, offered me some good opportunities for investment. They helped me a lot, but finance drives me nuts. I do not get it. From where can I start? I need a crash course for beginners, basic knowledge. I want to start investing in stocks or bonds. I am waiting for any kind of help. Thanks a lot!
Just have McDaniel handle it. Don't let the little things like where your money goes get in the way of the spamming empire you are building. You're an inspiration.
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