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Internet Director with Desking and Finance knowledge | Rare Breed

Discussion in 'I'm Available for Hire!' started by BeepTown, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. BeepTown

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    Toyota Scion Subaru of Corvallis
    Jul 4, 2013
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    I have ghosted around this forum for a couple years now, and while there is some great information out there, I feel I see most dealers struggling with the same thing year after year. Computer geeks are not Sales Managers regardless of where the business comes from. Sales staff and Closers are not Sales Managers. Notice I have not mentioned anything about Internet Sales or Manager or Director.

    To manage any department, your manager needs the skill set to understand marketing, employee motivation, customer service, social media. Just because I can type over 75 words per minute, or have a background in web design and online marketing, does not make me or anyone else capable of running any department within a dealership. You have to think of an Internet Director as an Assistant General Manager. There are so many egos in place, and old school thinking that has hampered dealership growth. A perfect example is my current dealership. They were and are the top dealership in the city. Selling 50-75 cars a month and being happy with a month end gross of $150k. Within a year of new ownership we now average 150 cars a month and are disappointed with a $280k month end gross. (back end numbers included)

    What changed? The way of thinking, the culture, well everything. I came into the dealership without it having an Internet Department, just salesmen answering leads. I am not paid on closing percentages, leads to appointments scheduled, and neither is the Internet Managers within my department. They are paid like salesmen. I am paid a percentage of the gross sales for the month. What's the point you ask? The Internet is not separate from your Sales Department. The only real difference is the potential amount of customer contact and transparent competition in pricing from other dealerships in the area. Why would one pay on performance on one aspect of the dealership marketing, when the entire dealership benefits from a true online marketing strategy? If the Director and the Managers are running efficiently, then the sales floor is flooded with more customers, the phone calls are increased, and overall sales grow for the entire dealership, not just one department. No offense to those GM's and Owners out there who are handcuffing their Internet Departments, or are old school thinkers, as you can always ALWAYS just build it and they will come. You will get your high gross sales and continue down the same path, but what you will miss out on is volume, and gross with the right team and strategy in place.

    If you are still reading this, then perhaps you are curious on who I am, or just another Internet Director being bored. My background is in retail management for over 10 years, with a more recent experience in sales where I was the leader in both gross and volume at my respected dealerships. It was never my intention to fall into the auto industry, but life goes where it goes. Once inside, I realize the potential that lied within, along with the need for someone of my skill set. I am a firm believer that this position as Internet Director is the 2nd most important position next to the General Manager, and the future path for new General Managers. That being said, the person in this position needs to have full understanding of the marketing budget, dealer hold back, and be able to fluctuate pricing according to the competition as well as the forecast of sales. There are times to hold as much gross as possible, and times to open the flood gates and gross on the back end.

    I have been Internet Director at 3 dealerships, and have built departments from scratch at each one. 2 as they didn't have a department, 1 because it needed to be torn apart and rebuilt. Qualifications include SEO, SEM, Analytics, Front end web design and backend development. Here is a quick breakdown of my experience, while I am very content at my current dealership and position, I do have a high interest in relocating to another State, perhaps somewhere with a bit more sunshine.

    Sales, Internet Manager, Internet Director, Russ Chevrolet
    Internet Director, Bruce Chevrolet
    Internet Director, Toyota Subaru of Corvallis

    Over 7 years in the Auto Industry in total, non auto experience to follow;

    Small Business Consultant/Owner
    Assistant General Manager, Sweetbrier Inn & Suites
    Sales Manager, Residence Inn by Marriott
    General Manager, Hollywood Video
    General Manager, U-haul

    In total over 18 years in a Sales Management role. I'm 36 years of age. Please do not take this entire post as an official "resume" of sorts, just an opening for a potential discussion. Best of luck to you all, and may the best dealer win!
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  3. sryan

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    Getting Refreshed

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    Chrysler dealership
    Aug 18, 2012
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    My history in the car business

    -Internet sales manager
    -Finance Manager
    -BDC manager w/ 4 BDC reps
    -A 1 man BDC, handle 200+ leads a month, all website material, pricing, everything

    I think Internet sales managers must understand financing. I shop dealers from time to time and it's hilarious the responses I get from some of these people.

    I also think its funny that many dealerships throw random people in the internet department as "manager" and they have no idea how they obtained the lead. They think 3rd party leads are the same as dealer website leads. They think truecar leads are the same as autotrader leads, I've seen it all. There are different ways to appraoch these leads and without the right person in the internet department you will fail miserably.

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