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Discussion in 'Dealer Authority' started by Alex Snyder, Jul 31, 2018.

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    We partnered with some old friends, @Christine Plunkett@Christine Plunkett and @Tyson Madliger@Tyson Madliger, to have Dealer Authority manage DealerRefresh's Facebook presence. This decision was not a light one as RefreshFriday is broadcast live on Facebook every Friday. We need our Facebook Page to be on point! The problem was Monday through Thursday as Jeff nor I had the time to be consistent with Facebook those days.

    Christine and I got into Facebook, together, during our years at Checkered Flag. Firing our working relationship back up was easier than jumping in the Delorean. It just made sense. She made things very easy for the rest of the DealerRefresh team.

    Now you know the why, so let's jump into this thread. In the interest of automotive-biz science we're going to talk about how successful this whole thing is over time.

    Start date: June 1st, 2018
    Communication method: Slack
    Dealer Authority team: Brian West and Christine Plunkett
    DealerRefresh team: Jessica Shafer, Jeff Kershner, and Alex Snyder
    Daily Facebook spend: $5

    60 Day Check-in

    Goals are changing. We started with the simple goal of providing daily content while we drove to figure out how we wanted to move the needle later. Things are evolving to let Brian be a bit "looser" with the tone of the posts and getting more organized around RefreshFriday.

    We are going to transition into a growth goal-set soon. The strategy is about 90% figured-out.

    The only working problem we have experienced is in who would respond to direct messages. Dealer Authority cut our response time 200%, but Jeff and I were not following through with things afterward. I'm going to point the finger at the Facebook platform on the whole here. It seems one either has to set notifications more liberally or be logged into the business manager portal all the time. Facebook does not make it simple and I can only guess that is due to different developers working on different things without a cohesive vision for how the whole package fits together. Facebook is far from a Steve-Jobs Apple ecosystem.

    At the end of the day I think we have a good system worked out between us now, and I will report back on this another time.

    This is just the first post in a thread that I hope to be updating for a long timeā€¦. that's another way of saying we are happy with Dealer Authority :thumbup:
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