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Job Title: Grandmaster of Inventory Management Systems


Uncle Joe
Apr 7, 2009
First Name
Job Title: Grandmaster of Inventory Management Systems

Type: Contract to Hire (Gig worker)

Location: Remote


About Us:
AutomagicLabs.ai (AML) is an innovative startup that provides highly creative merchandising solutions utilizing the dealers' existing Inventory Management System (IMS). Our work involves receiving feeds from the dealer's IMS, enhancing text and images and FTP'ing them back. Sounds simple, but the GrandMaster of IMS knows the complexity of the task.

Job Description:
The Grandmaster of IMS is not just a technical role. Yes, you need to be a wizard of IMS, familiar with the frustrations of the FTP time warp while the rest of the world enjoys the convenience of APIs. But beyond the tech, we need a Grandmaster who understands the pitfalls of customer service in this industry, someone who has established relationships within key IMS companies like HomeNet and vAuto.

We are just at the beginning, we expect, as our demand expands, so will this role. If you are interested, let's talk.
  1. DM me here
  2. DM me on LI
  3. Go to our site and fill out the form.

We need your help!
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