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Looking For Long-Term Home - Experienced Internet/BDC/E-Commerce/Marketing Director

Discussion in 'I'm Available for Hire!' started by Greg Coleman, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. Greg Coleman

    Greg Coleman
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    MAP Auto Group
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    Jan 18, 2011
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    I have 16 years of experience with marketing and business development, with 10years being in the automotive industry. I have experience in almost every facetof the dealership, including General Manager. However my true passion and whereI want to spend my career is within business development / e-commerce /Internet / and or marketing within automotive dealerships.

    I have experience working with large, multi-franchise dealership groups as theplatform director in charge of training, e-commerce, BDC and Internetoperations. I am seeking an opportunity with the right dealership group who islooking to grow their Internet / BDC operations and become one of the mostprogressive, successful, and profitable operations in the country. Myexperience, education, and expertise gives me a unique combination offirst-hand experience and knowledge over a vast scope of marketing initiativesthat will provide the right group with a competitive advantage and opportunityfor exponential growth.

    Although I have spent my automotive career in Kentucky, I am looking for anopportunity to relocate to a larger metropolitan area and am open to anyregion, if the right position were to become available. My ideal position wouldbe with a multi-franchise automotive group who values long term relationshipswith top level talent and their customer base. I believe in customer servicedriven approaches to growing business and maintaining customers, attracting andretaining the best personnel, and providing industry leading ROI on allinitiatives. I would also consider the right position with a manufacturer orrespected and established vendor/service provider.

    My experience precisely includes:

    · website development

    · vendorrelationship management

    · manufacturerrelationship management

    · dealership/ CRM training

    · searchengine optimization

    · BDC/ call center management

    · Internet/ e-commerce department management

    · salesmanagement

    · F&Imanagement

    · socialmedia management

    · dealershipmarketing & advertising

    · &much more

    I attained my Master's Degree in Economics & Marketing in 2001 whichcompliments my undergraduate degrees in Finance and Management. I have utilizedmy education along with my experience to maximize the sales and profitabilityof my employers.

    Some of career highlights include:

    · speakingat the Driving Sales Executive Summit

    · speakingat two Digital Dealer Conferences (http://www.50bestpractices.com 50 Best Practices)

    · directingan auto group to be ranked 11th in the country for Internet Sales (Ward's 2011)

    · beingfeatured on the cover of Digital Dealer Magazine

    I would love the opportunity to speak with anyone who is looking to fill a spotfor an Internet/Operations/Business Development/Training Director for anorganization or combination of. I am looking for a long term home, where bothmy talents will be recognized, and I can continually be challenged to succeedon behalf of the organization I am with.

    Please email me or call me and I will be glad to provide you with my completeresume, portfolio of work, references, and additional information.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, I look forward to theopportunity to speak with you.

    Greg W. Coleman, MBA
    859-361-6715 (Cell)
    [email protected]

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