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NADA 2023 - making DealerRefresh connections at the show

Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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NADA is back in full swing! Dallas turned out to be a great destination for it too.

It was good to hear how @craigh’s career is progressing. It is amazing to see how far you’ve come. Wish you could have joined us for dinner last night.

Thanks @DrewAment and @ryan.leslie for grabbing a meal with Tom Harsha and me last night. Great conversations! We will get DealerRefresh involved in making this a better world (fill you in later Jeff).

It has been too long not seeing the people who make this industry strong. Running into old friends on airplanes, being sat next to people at random restaurants, and all the stops on the show floor. My biggest take away is the reminder of how many good people are in the car business.


Full Sticker + Prep
Apr 30, 2009
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Man, it was awesome meeting @Alex Snyder for the first time ... again!!

@craigh - I took off my scary face for dinner, so it sucked that you couldnt be there. Good times, great conversation, and really got to know a few people better.

In my eyes the show was a great success. I think Dallas pulled it off pretty good. I know a lot of prep went into it on their end (hotels, restaurants, etc) and I think it showed.

Good time, good people, good show - now onto NADA 2024 ... back in Vegas.