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NEW CONTEST: Top 5 Tips For Selling a Car to a Chat Prospect

Discussion in 'Websites, SEO, SEM, Display, Social, Marketing' started by CAORYAN, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Black Book USA
    May 28, 2009
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    They're looking for your best advice on gaining appointments and selling to a chat prospect....


    What are some of the proven ways you've found to turn a website 'looker' into an appointment or sale using chat?

    Post your single best piece of advice along with the chat transcript that demonstrates your technique for gaining appointments or even making the sale to this forum thread by November 21st. Then, tweet it out to all your friends so they'll see what you said. (If you want, you can even let us in on how much you made off the deal!)

    In the end, we'll compile a list of the 'Top 5 Tips For Selling a Car To a Chat Prospect.' Five (5) individuals and their tips will be announced on the Contact At Once! Facebook Fan Page and featured on DealerRefresh.com, DealerChatBlog.com and our monthly eNewsletter, which currently reaches more than 9,000 dealers.

    We'll even throw in a $10 Starbucks Gift Card for every individual that participates and a $100 Starbucks Gift Card for each of the individuals whose tips make it into our Top 5.

    More than just a great contest, sharing the best techniques will help others become more effective at using chat to SELL CARS.

    One more time, here are the steps you must to take in order to participate and qualify* for the prizes:

    1. Post your single best tip for gaining appointments or selling to a chat prospect to this forum (one submission per person).
    2. Include a chat transcript demonstrating the technique mentioned in your tip (screen shot or cut-and-paste, just be sure to remove or obscure any customer personal information).
    3. Include your full name along with the name of your dealership.
    4. Using your Twitter account, send a tweet including a short link to this forum thread and the hashtag: #dealertips

    Don't forget to watch the Contact At Once! Facebook Fan Page where the 5 winners will be announced!

    *Note: You must complete all steps to qualify. Only one gift card per person - and no funny business!

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    #1 CAORYAN, Oct 21, 2011
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  3. phayes

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    Patriot Ford
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    Aug 21, 2010
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    Really, no one yet?
  4. john.quinn

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    Dec 2, 2009
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    If we can find a way to get Chat to work in the newspaper, I'll come back to this thread... tehe.. LOL!

    But honestly, we've run chat with a few different vendors, versions, and efforts, with no interest from the client-base whatsoever. I know Uncle Joe has success with chat, but I think he's on VK.
  5. autodealerchat

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    Contact At Once!
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    Jan 12, 2011
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    Hey JQuinn,

    After reading your post I wondered if you use AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, CarsDirect.com, EveryCarListed.com, CarSoup.com, Craigslist or some other means of posting your inventory online other than on your dealership website. If so, have you added chat to those services? In the case of third-party listings you can improve lead generation and see a greater return on investment. Third-Party provider data shows that chat has already proven to increase leads generated from those sources somewhere in the double digits 18, 20, 25% or more depending. If you've tried chat there and are not seeing results (which is extremely rare), here are the top three hindrances we typically see:

    1. Make sure chat invitations are clearly displayed on your pages and include the actual photo of the salesperson (data shows that people prefer to talk to real people)
    2. Have dedicated staff available to chat consumers throughout the day. Remember that chat buttons only appear when someone is available to answer. You can add the mobile chat app on your smartphone to increase your availability or a chat answering service so you'll never miss an opportunity
    3. Include chat icons wherever your contact information is displayed on your website, emails, vehicle listings, facebook, etc. If given the chance, consumers will take advantage of the easy and instant access

    “Faster than email and more convenient than a phone call, online chat enables consumers to get instant answers to their questions while enabling dealers to begin creating a relationship with shoppers before they show up on the lot. We are pleased with the performance of the Contact At Once! dealer live chat platform and excited about the value it has already brought both dealers and consumers.†AutoTrader.com President and CEO, Chip Perry.
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  6. ShamaraCoates

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    Jim Ellis Chevrolet
    Oct 27, 2011
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    I get the customer to engage into being active with me during chat. I always tell them I would like to send them a window sticker to look at so that s/he can look at what I am looking at so that they are not on the opposite side of the computer waiting for me to respond and grow weary of the waiting game. My success rate has been pretty impressive as far as the closing ratio I have off of chat. I also try not to sound too scripted, I make it more conversational as if I am speaking to a friend on IM or something while still keeping it professional. I reply with smiley icons and the more smiley faces I receive back, the easier my chances are for the appointment! :-)

    [5:32:12 PM]<System>Agent Shamara Coates has accepted the conversation
    [5:32:14 PM]<Shamara Coates>Hello, How may I help you?
    [5:32:41 PM]<Customer>Do you have a 2012 Acadia Denali in stock and available tonight?
    [5:33:16 PM]<Shamara Coates>Let me find out! My name is Shamara, who am I speaking with?
    [5:33:24 PM]<Customer>Lisa name removed
    [5:33:41 PM]<Shamara Coates>Hello Lisa!!
    [5:33:58 PM]<Shamara Coates>Did you have a particular color that you are interested in?
    [5:34:52 PM]<Shamara Coates>Hello Lisa?
    [5:35:18 PM]<Customer>Yes, I would like Black with Camel/cashmere interior.
    [5:35:36 PM]<Shamara Coates>Cool beans!!!
    [5:35:46 PM]<Customer>Don't necessareily need Navigation or DVD - but would like the trailor package.
    [5:35:55 PM]<Shamara Coates>We do have several Denalis available.
    [5:36:17 PM]<Shamara Coates>Do you have an email address that I can forward a window sticker for you to look at?
    [5:36:55 PM]<Customer>[email protected]
    [5:38:17 PM]<Customer>Logging in now.
    [5:38:26 PM]<Shamara Coates>I am emailing one right now Lisa!!
    [5:38:40 PM]<Customer>Great! So, you actually have one on the lot I can see tonight?
    [5:38:59 PM]<Shamara Coates>Absolutely!! :-)
    [5:39:54 PM]<Customer>That's great news. Just pulling up the email now.
    [5:39:54 PM]<Shamara Coates>I sent if over to you and I have attached the stock number as well so that you are able to have that.
    [5:41:35 PM]<Customer>Perfect. Can I ask for you or is there someone else available to meet me tonight. My guess is traffic is going to be a hastle to get there from my side of town --.
    [5:42:44 PM]<Shamara Coates>Awe!!! I want you to ask for my manager, Gabe name removed, also affectionately known as G Money, lol. He will definitely take care of you. You can ask for myself as well, Shamara :-)
    [5:42:58 PM]<Shamara Coates>What time were you planning on coming by?
    [5:43:09 PM]<Shamara Coates>And what is the best phone number to reach you Lisa?
    [5:43:37 PM]<Customer>678-###-####
    [5:44:18 PM]<Shamara Coates>Boy you have a very easy number to remember!! Do you know how to get here Lisa?
    [5:44:43 PM]<Customer>I am thinking it will take us 45 min or more to get there. We're in Vinings. Actually, no -- I haven;t been to your dealiership before. We're coming from Atlanta Rd & 1_285.
    [5:45:59 PM]<Shamara Coates>Oh!!!! I don't think that traffic is too bad at the moment......go 285 East to exit 31A. When you get off of the exit you will see us less than 1/4 mile on the right hand side.
    [5:46:27 PM]<Shamara Coates>The address is 5862 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Atlanta 30341 [5:47:10 PM]<Shamara Coates>If you have any problems feel free to give myself a call on my cell phone 404.###.#### or you can call the receptionist at 770.###.####.
    [5:47:43 PM]<Customer>Thanks! We're headed over in 5 minutes. :)
    [5:48:17 PM]<Shamara Coates>Fantastic!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you! I know you will LOVE this Acadia! :-)
    [5:48:32 PM]<Shamara Coates>If you don't have any more questions for me, you can disconnect the chat Lisa
    [5:50:12 PM]<Customer>All good -- headed out the door now. Thx again!

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    Sr. Refresher

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    Black Book USA
    May 28, 2009
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    Thanks for the tips:

    TIP: Send photos of the vehicle window sticker.
    TIP: Try not to sound scripted.
    TIP: Use smiley faces to give a positive impression.

    Also, your chat transcript successfully demonstrates how to convert a chat lead into a showroom visit. Nice job!

    Here are some other tips we received so far as well. Keep them coming!:

    Adam Traver
    TIP: Always end in an open ended question.

    Dave Klingensmith
    TIP: Answer all questions in a professional and timely fashion.

    Jason Manning
    TIP: Transition to a stronger engagement by offering video of the vehicle the prospect is inquiring about.
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  8. bzweifel

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    Passport Toyota
    Oct 13, 2011
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    I changed the customer info for privacy. Also, the time zone is wrong. This was at 8-9pm last Saturday Night. Contactatonce must be in Central, or we've never bothered to change the time zone, not sure.

    Starting Time: 10/29/2011 6:57:12 PM Central Daylight Time
    Agent: Blake Zweifel
    VisitId: 12829042
    Time to Answer(in seconds): 6
    Origination: 2007 Toyota 4Runner Sport, $21,000 - Cars.com

    [6:57:19 PM]<Blake Zweifel>Hello, How may I help you?
    [6:57:29 PM]<Customer>Hi, are you open tomorrow?
    [6:57:54 PM]<Blake Zweifel>Charles county law requires us to be closed every sunday.
    [6:58:12 PM]<Customer>That's lame. Oh well. I like this 4Runner
    [6:58:14 PM]<Blake Zweifel>we are open until 9pm tonight, or 9am-9pm tomorrow.
    [6:58:19 PM]<Blake Zweifel>lol it is lame.
    [6:58:33 PM]<Customer>What do you mean 9am-9pm tomorrow
    [6:58:35 PM]<Customer>?
    [6:58:40 PM]<Blake Zweifel>yes that 4runner is very nice. I've had a couple people ask about it,
    [6:58:49 PM]<Blake Zweifel>sorry, Monday8
    [6:58:54 PM]<Blake Zweifel>not tomorrow
    [6:58:56 PM]<Customer>ok
    [6:59:05 PM]<Blake Zweifel>Can you make it in on Monday?
    [6:59:13 PM]<Customer>Maybe you'll still have it next weekend.
    [6:59:28 PM]<Customer>I don't think so. I live in Norfolk, VA.
    [6:59:48 PM]<Customer>9pm on Monday?
    [7:01:07 PM]<Blake Zweifel>Our lot isn't locked tomorrow. You could look at it tomorrow and if you're interested I could do almost all paper work over phone/internet. Then you could come in monday at 9pm to sign and take delivery
    [7:01:33 PM]<Blake Zweifel>By the way my name is Blake Zweifel. you can reach me at 240-682-4770 or you can email me at [email protected]
    [7:02:36 PM]<Customer>The blue book is a little lower. Would you take $19,500?
    [7:03:03 PM]<Blake Zweifel>hmmm. give me a moment
    [7:06:25 PM]<Blake Zweifel>"19,500 is alittle light, but I will take it monday because I need to sell to more certified units for october."
    200 processing
    585 VA tax
    150 VA tags , title , registration, temp tag, fedex tags to you.

    [7:07:39 PM]<Customer>Just a minute
    [7:07:49 PM]<Blake Zweifel>k
    [7:11:15 PM]<Customer>Be right there
    [7:12:20 PM]<Blake Zweifel>and just so we are comparing apples to apples , I don't mean this condescending so don't take it that way. But i think you entered the wrong info for book value. Just so you realize that great deal it is, Kelley blue book certified preowned value is $23454 , NADA retail value is $24175
    [7:13:10 PM]<Customer>Are you still there? My computer battery was getting low and shut down so I had to get a plug...
    [7:13:15 PM]<Blake Zweifel>yes i'm here
    [7:13:20 PM]<Blake Zweifel>did you get my last message?
    [7:13:25 PM]<Customer>yes
    [7:13:55 PM]<Blake Zweifel>it's a 07 4Runner 'Sport'
    [7:14:09 PM]<Blake Zweifel>4x4. i didn't even check off options
    [7:14:57 PM]<Customer>Ok, assuming the body is free of dents and scratches, the cloth and carpet is in good shape and clean (all of which I can't tell from the pictures), I will do that deal on Monday.
    [7:15:43 PM]<Blake Zweifel>You have my word that it's all legit and as advertised. Let me go double check it right now. What # can I call you on if we get dissconnected?
    [7:16:02 PM]<Customer>434-xxx-xxx. My name is Rick xxxxxx.
    [7:17:31 PM]<Blake Zweifel>pleasure to meet you Rick. I'm going to go check it out right now. I'll be about 5 minutes. Do you have any specific request or things that you would like me to check?
    [7:19:53 PM]<Customer>Just look at the body and make sure there are no scratches or dents. Also look at the seats. They should look unworn and be free of stains. Also, can you check in the back? There should be a cover/shelf that covers the cargo area. Last thing: wheels should not have any notable scratches. Cool?
    [7:20:24 PM]<Blake Zweifel>awesome, yes that's cool. brb
    [7:22:02 PM]<Customer>ok
    [7:30:43 PM]<Blake Zweifel>thank you for being patient. It rained here so I had to wipe off the water. The paint looks great, I did find one vertical scratch on the rear driver side door. approx 1 inch long and it was touched up well. The seats are perfect. The cover is in the back.
    [7:32:26 PM]<Blake Zweifel>but keep in mind that I was purposefully looking for scrathes with my face a few inches from the door. Every 3 year old vehicle will have a scratch.
    [7:32:57 PM]<Customer>ok. That scratch is not very noticeable? I know it would have some scratch...no car dings/dents?
    [7:33:20 PM]<Customer>i mean door dings/parking lot dings?
    [7:33:21 PM]<Blake Zweifel>no no. no "damage" what so ever.
    [7:33:53 PM]<Customer>Awesome. I'm psyched. I will try to get off work early on Monday to come up and get it.
    [7:33:54 PM]<Blake Zweifel>those are considered damage, and it doesn't have anything like that.
    [7:34:18 PM]<Customer>I'm about 2.5 hours away.
    [7:34:22 PM]<Blake Zweifel>Awesome. Do you know a tmie that I can put you in my schedule for , or do you need to find out and text me?
    [7:34:42 PM]<Customer>Just a minute
    [7:34:47 PM]<Blake Zweifel>k
    [7:38:30 PM]<Blake Zweifel>and Our address is 2600 Crain hwy , waldorf md 20601. All you have to do is find your way to the nice bridge (rt 301) and it's a straight shot from there. We are located on rt 301. Look for the huge American flag on our lot.
    [7:41:51 PM]<Customer>So, I'm leaving Norfolk at about 1:30pm. Between 4:00pm and 4:30pm?
    [7:43:02 PM]<Blake Zweifel>that sounds abotu right and works perfect for me. Call me if you need any help, and just ask for me when you get here. - Blake Z. 240-682-4770
    [7:43:29 PM]<Customer>Ok Great. Thanks. So to confirm:
    [7:43:48 PM]<Customer>$19,500
    $200 processing
    $585 VA tax
    $150 VA tags , title , registration, temp tag, fedex tags to me.
    [7:43:59 PM]<Customer>=$20435 out the door?
    [7:44:38 PM]<Blake Zweifel>yes, tags might be off +/- $20 . Our tag and title clerk isn't here right now. I'm quoting you off of experience. but everything else is in stone.
    [7:46:04 PM]<Customer>Ok. Great. Do you need a deposit via credit card or anything to hold it?
    [7:47:09 PM]<Blake Zweifel>I can't hold used cars. I might be able to hold it when you are on you way on monday. Can I call you monday morning to let you know the status of what I can do or what I need to do it?
    [7:48:19 PM]<Blake Zweifel>What I mean is that we don't have a deposit policy because we don't hold them. But I understand that you're coming from 3 hours away, so it might warrant an exception. The manager who makes that call is gone for the night.
    [7:48:52 PM]<Customer>ok. Please ask the dealership owner or something saying that I am coming up from Norfolk and am willing to put a deposit down to hold it. Thanks! It's been a pleasure working with you. See you Monday and yes, call me Monday morning, please.
    [7:49:16 PM]<Customer>Cool. Have a nice evening.
    [7:49:32 PM]<Blake Zweifel>okay great. I'll call you first thing monday morning. I get in at 9am. I look forward to working with you Rick
    [7:50:00 PM]<Customer>:)
    [7:50:17 PM]<Blake Zweifel>:)
    [7:50:28 PM]<Blake Zweifel>gotta run. The man is kicking me out lol

    I text'd Rick @ 8am Sunday morning "I have great news." And waited for him to respond. Once He wrote me back I told him to add the 4Runner to his insurance policy and email me copies of: the new binder with VIN, his scanned Drivers License, and credit card info to hold it. All of which he did within an hour or two.

    He showed up tonight (monday) and was in and out in 45 minutes mainly because he had already mentally purchased it and I had loaded all of his info into F&I before he arrived.

    -roundhouse was 4 pounds 5 ounces
    -he just posted a 5 star google places review as I'm writing this.
    -we hit our certified # with this deal.

    tip: Customers know how to submit a lead. They know how to pick up the phone too. There is a reason they didn't do either. You don't always have to go straight for the name/#/Phonecall/Appointment. Meet the customer where they are comfortable. Sometimes It's okay to sell a car over Chat or email no matter who says you shouldn't or can't. In this situation Rick was comfortable mentally buying a car without ever talking to me on the phone or in person.

    tip: be honest, be credible, be a normal person.

    tip: take what the land gives you. I could have counter offered, but the risk/reward didn't give me a warm feeling inside. I wanted to build momentum and not offer an easy stall.

    tip: find a solution.

    tip: lock it in.

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    Sr. Refresher

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    Black Book USA
    May 28, 2009
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    Excellent tips and great demonstration for how to turn a chat prospect into a sale!

    In your transcript you can follow the buyer's pursuit and see how you built rapport and led the person through the sales process. It may come as a surprise to many that buyers feel comfortable and more in control with chat and want to use it to firm up the deal so that the experience once they walk into the showroom is quick and painless...Your insights are much appreciated.

    4 Other tips came in from Stan Sher and I also wanted to mention them here. Stan said:

    TIP: Treat the chat prospect the same as you would a phone-up
    TIP: Take control of the conversation by asking questions
    TIP: Try to convey your personality and a sense of humor
    TIP: Ask closing questions and get contact info when prospect tries to negotiate

    Great stuff everyone! Please keep them coming.
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  10. Kane McCullin

    Kane McCullin
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    Holmes Honda
    Oct 31, 2011
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    Here is a chat I took recently that I converted to an appmt then sale. My methods on taking a chat customer and converting them to an appointment are rather simple, but very effective. Treat the chat like a phone up. Don't sound scripted, but have something like a script that you can use as a guideline for directing the customer in the direction that you need. Always ask investigative questions and leave them open ended so that you can get a more firm idea on what the customers needs actually are. One can often misinterpret what the customer is actually inquiring about if questions are not asked to determine the needs of that customer. Once you determine what the customer wants, then you can create a window to obtain their information and set the appointment for them to come by. If you have no information on the customer, then you have no customer. Take massive action with these chats, and one can create more success in closing these deals!!!

    [TABLE="class: all_tds, width: 100%"]
    [TD="class: Layer-3-Title, colspan: 3"]Comments :[/TD]
    [TD="colspan: 2"]visitid:12694100 transcript: Starting Time: 10/19/2011 5:55:57 PM Central Daylight Time Agent: Kane Mccullin VisitId: 12694100 Time to Answer(in seconds): 4 Origination: Holmes Honda Shreveport Finance Specials | Bossier Honda Lease Specials | Bossier Auto Financing Specials | LA Car Loans Name : Jennifer Set**** Phone : ***-8*3-3**1 Transcript:

    [5:56:01 PM]Agent Kane Mccullin has accepted the conversation
    [5:56:02 PM]Welcome to Holmes Honda and thank you for using chat today. My name is Kane McCullin. If you prefer to speak rather than chat, my direct phone number is 318212XXXX.
    [5:56:19 PM]Hello there. What can I give you information on today?
    [5:56:25 PM]Do you guys have any deal going on with used cars?
    [5:56:45 PM]Sure thing! What type of pre owned vehicles are you considering?
    [5:58:08 PM]Well the deal is, Im upside down on my car. I owe 11,810 but the trade in is only showing as 8800. My credit is not very good either but we need a bigger car. mine is a ford focus.
    [5:59:45 PM]Ok I definetley see where you are, and we do specialize in deals like this as well. I want to take a closer look at your car to see if it has the potential to bring more money. Is there a good time that you can bring it by to show me? While you are here, we can also check our inventory to see what car best suits you and your family
    [6:00:32 PM]We live in Camden, AR. Its possible that we could come on a Saturday.
    [6:01:01 PM]That sounds fine with me. I will be here Sat. from 9am -6pm. Will morning or afternoon be better fo ryou?
    [6:02:14 PM]Afternoon would be good.
    [6:02:34 PM]Ok great. I will put us down for say 2:00pm?
    [6:02:56 PM]Also I didn't get you r name. Mine is Kane McCullin and my best contact number is 318-212-XXXX
    [6:03:40 PM]My Name is Jennifer S
    [6:04:11 PM]Ok it's nice chatting with you Jennifer. Whats the best way to get back in touch with you if anything should change on my end?
    [6:04:26 PM]870-833-3111 Thanks!
    [6:05:12 PM]Not a problem. Thank you for considering us for your next purchase. I thank you for using our chat system today, and should you have any questions for me, you can call me anytime. Have a great one Jennifer, and I will see you Sat. [​IMG][/TD]
    #9 Kane McCullin, Nov 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 7, 2011
  11. Jeff Kershner

    Jeff Kershner
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    DealerRefresh & Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown
    May 1, 2005
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    Some good stuff happening here. It's great to see dealers sharing some chat transcripts.

    Love to see some more!!

    I'd like to see how dealers are incorporating online tools to help get the customer closer to appointment. Maybe tools of transparency.

    I don't have an actual transcript but I'll do my best to find one before the contest of over. My BDC agents at my one dealership have been taught to use our PureCar Used Car Value Reports during their chats to help build additional rapport. It's a great conversational piece to use when the customer has additional questions on a particular vehicle or starts questioning the price.

    Any dealers have a transcript showcasing the use of online tools to help build transparency while gaining the appointment?
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