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Newsletter Service for Car Dealers - revisited

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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I know, I know - who the hell is still sending out a monthly email newsletter from their dealership? We were! At least up until the service we were using went under to due the strain that COVID placed upon their business.

The service we had been using for about 10 years did a solid job for us. Articles were mostly original, relevant, engaging and of course provided us the opportunity to ad in our own content when we wanted.

With a 35+% open rate on a list of over 4000, it was a cost effective strategy for keeping in front of our customer base. I hate to just drop it all-together. We once had a month where the newsletter was delayed and had several clients call/email me asking why they hadn't received their newsletter yet. RIIIGHT!?

Does anyone have any recommendations or are aware of another provider in (or out) of the industry that could fill this void?
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