1. ryan.gerardi

    2020 Planning, Speculating, Budgeting, and Forecasting

    With 2020 on the very near horizon, I am interested in knowing what dealers here on DealerRefresh are evaluating or scrutinizing as 2019 comes to a close. Fixed ops seems to have become a popular topic of conversation over the last year, and the term Digital Retailing sure went through the...
  2. Dan Sayer

    "Did your $2M spend in marketing work?" What Report Shows That?

    What do you use to measure your Advertising/Marketing efforts? When the owner asks you if your efforts are working, what do you use to show that it is/isn't? What are your OKR's (if you're a John Doerr fan) or your KPIs or your Scorecard lines if you use Traction? Do you measure site...
  3. flosho

    Soliciting Positive Service Reviews

    Our sales department does an excellent job providing exceptional customer service and making a happy customer when they come in to purchase their new-to-them BMW or Mercedes, etc. It's "easy" to have a happy customer that leaves a 5-star review. On the flip side, we have a service department...
  4. Ben B

    Social Media Manager Payscale

    Hey everyone, I am trying to determine how I should be getting paid or what I should be getting paid. I am in the process of completing my E-Marketing and Design degree.The store I am at currently has about 350 new and used. Currently I handle -Social media accounts youtube, facebook, instagram...
  5. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority Turning Events into Sales

    Summer is here, and it's time to start thinking about new ways to build up foot traffic to the dealership. Consider local events! By utilizing digital marketing to increase interest in an onsite event, your dealership can heighten your brand awareness and create new opportunities for sales at...
  6. Brian Michael West

    The misconception about millennials
  7. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Calling all ladies in Automotive!

    Calling all ladies in Automotive! We want to hear from you!! Dealer Authority will be hosting an all-female, Facebook Live round table March 19th | 3PM and we want to include you!! This is an open call to the automotive industry. We are looking to include 3 female representatives from...
  8. C Dorman

    Right and Wrong

    I've seen a trend that's been bothering me for the past couple of days and had to get this off my chest. Respect and Professional Courtesy need to be earned, not assumed. Lately there have been a number of industry thought leaders calling for vendors to stop calling each other names, respect...
  9. kristentepper

    who's managing your referral program?

    Did you know that when the marketing team manages a referral program, companies were 3x more likely to achieve revenue goals? Yet only 10% of companies have tasked marketing with managing the referral program!* Are you giving your marketing team the leeway to be creative with your referral...
  10. John Colascione

    Deals4Dealers Having Trouble with Lead Gen on Used Inventory?

    *****The Dealer Refresh Deal****** 40% Discount for Used Car Inventory Marketing (either of the three packages) This is a deep discount and will probably put us at delivering it at cost. This offer is valid till June 1st, 2018 Here is my unique Deals4Dealers offer; a deep, 40% discount on...
  11. A

    Friendemic- Looking for BDC Experience

    Hello all, I am the recruiting coordinator for Friendemic, a marketing firm that specializes in social media marketing for large dealerships. We are looking for someone with BDC experience to fill our San Diego Client Strategy Specialist position. The pay starts at 45,000 annually and is...
  12. brianpasch

    Cable TV Advertising Survey for Auto Dealership Managers

    Cable companies are evolving their product offerings with digital advertising strategies for auto dealers. As more consumers "cut the cord" dealers can now advertise on multiple devices and follow local consumers everywhere! Consumers love the exclusive content that cable offers and dealers can...
  13. ErdmanMotors

    Marketing Agency Recommendations

    Looking for some recommendations from the community for full service marketing agencies. We are a Toyota and Nissan dealer in the Central Florida area and have been handling all the marketing in house with the exception of SEM. We're looking for recommendations on agencies to help with...
  14. PR

    PR & News Kicks Off Aggressive Fourth Quarter Marketing Campaign

    Leading online automotive marketplace launches new multi-media advertising campaign to close the year strong CHICAGO, September 29, 2017 – (NYSE:CARS), a leading online automotive marketplace, announced today the launch of a new multi-media advertising campaign that will amplify the...
  15. ed.brooks

    I know you want more leads, BUT -

    If you concentrate on driving leads from sites that are primarily Price driven (one of the New Four Ps of Automotive Marketing), are you missing out? For more insights download The Guide to the New Four Ps of Automotive Marketing...
  16. M

    Anyone using Gravitational Marketing as a marketing company??

    A little introduction: I have an independent, 50ish car inventory in Lakewood Colorado and we're just finishing our first year of retail sales. Still trying to figure out the marketing soup, we use all the standards and have tried some of the others. Currently with Cargurus,, post a...
  17. Shelby Tatomir

    Facebook Advertising Questions for Dealers

    How much do you spend on boosting organic content (page posts) each month on Facebook? If you're utilizing lead ads on Facebook, what content are you putting into those lead ads and how are you targeting the audience? (custom audiences, lookalikes, saved audiences) Any advice is appreciated!
  18. IncentivefoxTep

    TAKE POLL How are you generating more referral business?

    Referrals are 4x more likely to purchase (Nielsen) and have a 16% higher lifetime value (Wharton). Yet only 15% of salespeople ask for referrals (Texas Tech). What tools/strategies are using to drive more referral and retention business into your store and what are the results you're seeing...
  19. ilana.zur

    What would you like to see at a user conference?

    Hi DR Community, I realize how many user conferences there are in the automotive space, so I'm wondering: Do you find them repetitive or helpful? What would you like to see at conferences that you haven't yet seen? What conference is your ultimate favorite? What topics are most interesting...
  20. ed.brooks

    Your CRM is the BEST Marketing Decision Driver, Right?

    I read two fantastic, ground-breaking, eye-opening posts this week -- The first was from Brian Pasch on LinkedIn -- "Stop Guessing And Don't Trust Your CRM" And the second was from Darren Haygood on the blog -- "NOW HIRING – Hoverboard Department Manager" Both address a...