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One Price Dealers: how do you set prices?

Feb 14, 2019
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There are two kind of car buyers: those who like to negotiate and deal, and those who don't. The former will almost never go to a one-price store unless he can't find a similar vehicle elsewhere, which is rare.

Why would a good negotiator go to a one-price store, and why would a lousy negotiator go to a hard negotiating car showroom?

One-price dealers lose a good segment of the car-buying public, but maybe they are okay with the less savvy and more profitable non-negotiaters. One dealer refused to deal with me (he was about $800 too high), and the car is still sitting on his lot ten days later. The other dealer lowered his price a few hundred dollars at my request and made the sale.

Interestingly, the dealer who won't negotiate still lowers his asking price about $100 every 7 days or so, so he obviously prices high, and then runs sort of a Dutch Auction until it finally sells.
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