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Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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Thanks for the feedback folks! We have unlocked some new functionality we didn't use in the prior version of Xenforo and are using some neat integration points to power the Blog ▾ navigation along with the home page. Now that the major components are done we're getting into the smaller details.

  1. Moving to a new ad server. Our last one was an opensource one for AWS with broad capabilities. This new one is specific to Xenforo with a lot more stuff we can do. It may be possible for sponsors to manage their own ads!
  2. Cleaning up the Wordpress categories and tags to better populate the home page and blog navigation. There are 15 years of those to sift through :crazy:
  3. Resources: this is new and we hope you find it valuable. Also, if you think of other ways to use it, we are all ears. We're currently looking at it as a "download center" for white papers, job descriptions, pay plans, etc. It is possible it could become so much more!
  4. Tidying: we lost a number of plugins we used to use in the old version of Xenforo (one @Alexander Lau wants for example) because they are no longer supported. There are some new ones that are SUPER POWERFUL now installed that we are still figuring out. If you see anything missing, just post it in this thread and we'll look into it. Thanks @Alexander Lau for asking nicely :poke::lol: