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Reynolds and Reynolds & Cisco Anyconnect


Green Pea
Dec 15, 2009
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Anyone know the story with this? We were given this to connect to a dealership in place of the modems being shut off. I see that Reynolds and Cisco are partners. Does everyone on Reynolds have this type of technology available to be given to to 3rd party vendors?
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Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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Cisco's AnyConnect is simply a VPN connection software. This allows you to connect to a secure network without physically being there. I use a VPN connection quite often to access ADP and my network drive at the office. It is definitely a good thing to have :thumbup:

I like that Rey Rey is using AnyConnect because that version allows you to use any operating system instead of the old 32-bit Windows only Cisco VPN software.

I can't answer your question about third-party vendors, but if you have the ability to assign accounts with AnyConnect settings, then you can effectively grant anyone access to your DMS system.
Mar 1, 2010
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We are using Reynolds Anyconnect to connect to the ERA systems. It works just like any other VPN client would. The dealer will need to supply you with the log in credentials as well as the IP address of the ERA system at the dealership.

Once you have the IP address of the ERA server you can either use ERALInk, or like we do, any other telnet terminal emulator that you may have to connect.

The one issue we are having however is once you are connected, the Anyconnect disables any local network connections you may have.


Full Sticker
Nov 24, 2009
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We started using a VPN to connect from home to our store years and years ago. It is a much preferred method of secure connections.

I am starting to see a large dependence on reverse shell's to connect a DMS on the LAN to a 3rd party vendors system. Ryan Tech and Integralink are two that come to mind.

Our approach to 3rd party vendors is simple. If they want the data we will format it to their specs and upload it or otherwise deliver it in a fashion they prefer. That way we know what data is going out. Having an reverse shell installed on the LAN the DMS exists on is a scary proposition.