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Seeking Recruitment Agency for Automotive Industry Positions in Florida


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Dec 10, 2022
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Hello DealerRefresh Community,

We are an independent dealership in Florida facing challenges in recruiting bilingual sales talent for our team. We're reaching out for recommendations on recruitment agencies with good at automotive sales sector, particularly those experienced in filling commission-based, bilingual positions.

We believe in the power of partnership and are looking for an agency that can help us overcome our recruitment hurdles and contribute to our growth.

Please share your recommendations.
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Hi Matteon,

We're an agency who've been operating since 2007. We've worked with Lithia, Group 1 Automotive, Stellantis, as well as numerous clients across the US. We specialize in Technicians in Dealership & Retail positions but we also get a lot of business dealing with Service, Parts and Sales people and may be able to help.

I understand you're probably looking for recommendations from other dealers as opposed to this kind of self promotion of our services, but I'd be very happy to jump on a call if you'd like and talk you through what we do. It's actually my colleague Mark who runs the Florida desk, but I'd be happy to give you a run down of how we can structure something for you.

+1 616 384 9496 is my direct line.
Alternatively, Mark can be reached on +1 321 788 6080 if you'd like to speak to him directly.

Best regards,
Matt Buckler - Holt Automotive Staffing