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DR Roundtable Session #4 - How Can Attribution Data Be Utilized by Dealers?


Jr. Refresher
Mar 17, 2011
Chicago, USA
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In this fourth edition of the all-new DealerRefresh Roundtable we dive deep into the topic of Automotive Marketing Attribution for the purpose of debating whether or not we as an industry need attribution and if so then what specifically is needed and how can it be utilized by dealers.

Talking Points Include:
  • Last Touch vs. Multi-Touch Attribution
  • Marketing vs. Sales Attribution
  • How Can Attribution Data Be Utilized?
  • Who Gets Credit for the Sale?
  • You Can’t Ask Dealers to Split the Sale
  • What is Missing from Attribution?
  • Advertising Partners Must Share Richer Data
This is Not Your Typical 'Attribution' Conversation

Guests and Panelists include:
@Ed Brooks @Bill Playford @Chris Leslie @Jeff Kershner @Ryan Gerardi

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To learn more about The DealerRefresh Roundtable go to https://www.dealerrefresh.com/introducing-the-roundtable-show/

To register your spot on the Roundtable as a Guest Panelist or Attendee go to www.dealerrefreshroundtable.com
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Alexander Lau

Sr. Refresher
Feb 11, 2015
Mars, PA
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It's been my experience that if there's no actionable recommendations made by the attribution company, it renders reports fairly useless. Your average dealer doesn't know which direction to head in looking at a report, typically ZERO benchmarks are loaded into these systems (and generally reports are many months behind, due to lack of up-to-date data = issues getting the data from the 3rd party vendors used by dealers).
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