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Dec 22, 2009
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Pssst. I'll tell you a secret. Twitter isn't for posting. It's for "listening".

1. Use Twitter Search to find people tweeting about "car shopping" near you. 90% of those tweets will sound like this:


2. Tweet at them and offer to help.

3. Profit.

Adopt a Listen / Assist approach to Twitter and you'll find it a much more rewarding platform than the Post / Cross My Fingers Someone Sees My Tweet route.
Aug 30, 2019
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I don't really think that Twitter is the best option of all the variants, though it's quite popular among users. Maybe you should better try to use Instagram for this purpose as it has more useful options, i.e. ability to create business acount, post different kind of information (including videos), voice mails, also you can check the traffic and statistics. I don't say that Facebook/Twitter are bad, Instagram is just more oriented for this kind of activity. You can also use zen-promo.com/comment_bot_instagram to promote your account.


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Apr 12, 2019
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Twitter is an excellent way to have direct conversations with consumers. @Jason is correct, you can learn a lot just from scanning different hashtags and tweets. I see a benefit to dealers by using Twitter as a way to promote their service department and allow customers to directly ask questions when they are having issues.

Pinterest is also a bit of an untapped resource for the individual dealer; however, the OEM's are active on the platform.

Assessing the dealership's target market is the best way to figure out which digital marketing platforms one should be focusing on. If your Instagram and Facebook are thriving, there may not be a need to also pivot to Twitter @Michele Morrical, but it could a useful branding tool.
Sep 4, 2019
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I user Twitter every single day. I have columns set up to search for hashtags in our specific market areas and watch them throughout my day. I have had plenty of good conversations about people and their cars. Usually they are complaining about something (like the heat not working today) and it's a great way start a conversation, maybe share a link, but have them read my profile info at least. (link points to dealership group site)

I have pointed just a handful to sales managers at the dealership, but sales have been 0.

I still do it each day with the idea that the dealership is staying TOP OF MIND with those that I am conversing with. Of course, I am not in direct sales mode at the time. I actually chat them up as I would on the street or bus. It has been a great resource for info on my end and for the amount of total time that I check the feeds (all of 1 hour/week) I feel it's a worth while option....