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Oct 31, 2013
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Attention Fixed Ops Managers.

I recently took over a Service Department of a dealership that was ran into the ground by bad employees. The original Owner sold the dealership. The new owners are great.
Got rid of Lazy bad advisor, etc.

We have to work on ridding the place of bad customers too. The Prior manager and Advisor literally gave the store away and internalled everything under the sun. So we have a boat load of customers that expect everything for free, expect to continue to pay $29 for full synthetic oil changes, and never buy anything else!!! Grrrrr.

Problem is the techs the place had are lazy, were guaranteed 40 hours, only producing about 11-18 hours weekly!!

So we removed guarantees. Obviously they hated that. We lost all but one tech now.

We are trying every possible place to advertise for techs. We either get complete garbage replies, IE: Worked as a janitor and now wants to be a tech, etc.
Or, people promising the world, but want a 40 hour guarantee. I fell for this once, and just recently let the guy go because he was standing around talking and doing nothing most of the time.

I was a master tech for years. I had no guarantees. I turned 65-70 consistently weekly and near perfect FFV scores, etc. I didn't expect to be paid for nothing.

What are you guys experiencing? How are you finding good techs and what kind of pay plans are you using?

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