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Rust & Dust
Mar 17, 2011
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Good point. I almost never will call a number back that isn't saved in my phone if no voicemail comes with it. I doubt anyone does. I always advocate to leave a voicemail message every time you call a customer. If you craft your voicemail message correctly, it is completely acceptable to leave one on every call, and not be redundant or smothering.

Voicemail is a great branding tool if anything.

Steve Roessler

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Feb 15, 2016
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Great thread as getting customers on the phone is always the goal, however, the dynamics have changed. I challenge everyone to think in terms of "Text" to schedule a phone call. That creates a subliminal message to the customer that you are considerate of their time. Plus, you can intro yourself via text to let them know who you are so they can expect a call from an "unknown" number.