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Why is Video so difficult?


Dec 12, 2011
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IMO videos ARE great, but they do take a lot of time. I was doing videos back in 2007/2008 when nobody was. Especially not in our tiny area of Auburn, NY. I would do weekly video specials, used car blowouts, etc... I had video auto-responders, video emails, you name it, I had it. As Joe knows, CNY and especially Auburn is about 10 years behind the times. With all the videos I used to do, I never really saw a bump in response rate. Maybe my videos were garbage, maybe they were't. But I can say this, there was no other dealership around to compare it to. So "something" is better than nothing, correct?

At the end of the day, I didn't see the results I would have liked for the time I spent putting them together. Now that I'm the eMarketing Director for 4 stores, my time is limited and it's very hard for me to continue to shoot videos. Maybe the results will be better in 2015?! Here's a few that I did. During the winter I would make them on a green screen.


Prentice Parton

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Oct 14, 2012
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J. Prentice
There is a lot that has been said, and (full disclosure) I didn't read it all.. I'd love to push my $.02 through here.

1. What does your sales highlight video do that the other thousands on YouTube don't? My guess would be "not much". A charming smile and warm personality throwing buzz words isn't what people are looking for. They aren't in the lower funnel of the buying cycle, either. They're in the research phase. Just think about how to stand out (maybe mic up and set up go-pro suction mounts & go for a test drive.) Why not ask someone to sign a release during a test drive of said model, and get some real thoughts to highlight from real consumers for those in the research phase?)

2. I think that an even better use of video for dealers would be that you utilize retargeting efforts via audiences based around people that have watched a video of an automobile that is in your inventory. i.e. They're watching videos of a new Abarth. Why not build a retargeting audience based upon those that have seen that video, and then show them why they should come get it from you. To me, video could be an incredible opportunity to push the consumer further down the funnel, and not waste money on the research phase.

..but what do I know? haha


Uncle Joe
Apr 7, 2009
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High level look at building a video (IMO).

If your store has a giant ad budget, then the energy and message of your videos should match the TV campaign*. For everyone else, you're building a 1 on 1 video.

Shoppers want to learn something from the time spent. They're looking for an honest and thoughtful presentation. They don't need (or want) a highly edited video. At the end, deliver your 'why-buy' message.

*is your TV ad message coming from a carnival barker, or, does your store preach values of one price?


Dec 17, 2009
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Great discussion... we use the Authntk app for personalized videos. I chose it because the learning curve is a straight line. Easy app, works every time and does all the behind the scenes work for you. I try to follow the "keep it simple " approach, and John Colban is on point if there's a question. Upload time is my biggest challenge with the YouTube approach, and getting people that are not as motivated to actually do it.

Backend shows me open rates for each rep. Feedback is very positive.
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