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YouTube and it's benefits

Manny Luna

Apr 10, 2011
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So I've always thought based on research that I have done, that doing walk-around videos and intro videos and personalized videos to customers and having them visible on your YouTube channel would be beneficial.

Am I wrong in this? I know YouTube / Google changes how things show up in search, but to me the more content we have the better off we are regardless.

I have ideas for quirky and funny videos to send to customers to get their attention and get some engagement but am getting shot down by my Digital Marketing Rep for adding these videos to our store's YouTube channel.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Getting Refreshed
Jun 15, 2014
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Thank you Manny for all your help! I've spoken to Robert Wiesman a few times as he is a brilliant YouTuber! :)


Getting Refreshed
Jan 9, 2012
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Finally found a dealer willing to try out youtube pre-roll.

First week:

88 second video, Message was about the up-coming charity events and the new 2015 models, dealers AOR was the only targeting. ~3,400 impressions, ~400 complete views, X amount of clicks (sorry holding that back, still testing variables) and it cost ~ 41 bucks before dealer ad fund reimbursement.

For a first try, not bad at all in my book. We did see a small bump in self-referral leads(1.7 a day) but I am not quick to attribute that to the video yet.


Sr. Refresher
Apr 16, 2009
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I recommend YouTube for any car dealership. When it comes to organic search, YouTube and eBay listings are high in the ranking, usually just below the paid ads. IMO the title of the video is what is most important, because that title is searchable.


Apr 1, 2012
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Ebay got pummeled in the latest update by Google. I've seen reports saying an estimated loss of 20% of their traffic. They were drastically short of their quarterly earning goals, so you could be sure that they got hit pretty hard.

Video can do very well in the search results, but it is all about the intent of that search. Research based searches get a lot of videos, but sales oriented searches tend to not have many. (Lifted Toyota Tundra vs Toyota Tundra for Sale).

With that out of the way, I always recommend people do video for their dealerships. Do some keyword research to see what topics people are interested in, check out your competitors videos to see which get viewed, make sure to transcribe your videos and keep at it. I used to work with Laura from Laura Toyota, and I still help her with keyword research. Some of her blog posts get 1000+ views a month, even without video, so there is definitely room in the market for content.

Elise Kephart

Getting Refreshed
Feb 29, 2012
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Hello everyone! To answer a few questions here:

1. Not all of my videos were public, several of them were unlisted-I made some of them public for automotive people like yourselves to view but the other 50% were unlisted.

2. If I had to do it all over again, I would have a YouTube Channel branded to yourself as a sales person, versus posting them all on a dealerships. When I first started doing video-Sunset Honda didn't have a gmail, youtube, facebook or twitter. Since leaving the company-I lost all rights to my videos-including the unlisted ones. I unfortunately don't have "hard copies" of many of them so lost a lot of my work.

3. As my business started to increase, the time (even if it was only 5-10) minutes started to become limited-so I would make a series of videos that were templated but also customized to my message.

For example- I would have a
-GOOD MORNING, I just left you a voicemail video, I will reach out later today if I don't hear anything back. This would go out in a nice visual email right after I left a voicemail for the customer. I would text this video to them as well via our CRM we were using. (DealerCRM).
-I would have a GOOD AFTERNOON, GOOD EVENING video simular to this so I could send them different parts of the day when I left voicemails-they key in the voicemail I left AND the video was "I will reach out later today if I don't hear anything back."

I would also have videos for
-Thank you for speaking with me
-Thank you for your visit
-Thank you for your purchase

I would also do walk around videos on each of the new car products that I could send in lieu of an e-brochure or photos.

The time spent on these was much more time efficient because they were personal, but I could focus more on the 3-4 appointments I had for myself in the store. It should be a streamlined cycle eventually to where you are hitting them with every point of personal contact

-Voicemail (I will followup later today if I don't hear anything back)
-Video Email (Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening -thank you for your online request, I just left you a voicemail I have great news, call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx and if I will be sure to reach out a little later today if I don't hear anything back)
-Confirmation Email-plain text "I just sent you an email with a video greeting and some important information, please let me know if you need me to resend"
-Text Message (through DealerCRM) 1. You have been opted to receive texts from Sunset Honda, text STOP to stop 2. Hi Customer Name, its Elise @Sunset Honda. I just left you a VM I have great news, call me when you have a quick moment. Here is a personal video for you (paste link)
-2nd call 2 hours from the first call from another line-no voicemail
-Send a package out-I would have a cover page with a signature and quick handwritten note on my cover page, testimonial page, acolades page and a factory brochure (this will arrive in 1-2 days locally)
-Using SendoutCards-send a handwritten thank you card and cookies (this will arrive 5-7 days)
-EMAIL: Hi Customer Name, I have been trying to reach you today. As mentioned I have great news! Call me when you have a quick moment, thanks!
-TEXT: Hi Customer Name, just tried to reach you. Are you available right now to talk
-Call again in 2 hours from *67 number-no vm left
-EMAIL: Hi Customer Name, Its Elise from ABC Motors. I realize life gets busy-I have a one year old who keeps me on my feet. That being said-one quick question -Is the new 2014 Honda CRV the EXACT vehicle you are looking for?
*All I am looking here for is quick engagement of some type so I can get them on the phone.*
-4th call: call from same line I called on on the beginning and leave another voicemail "...I'll be in the office until 7pm tonite and If I don't hear anything back, I will be sure to reach you again first thing tomorrow."

TRUST ME-the process with everything was GOLD. Your face, name, and dealership is the first thing that will come to mind when they are going to buy a car.

Elise Kephart

Getting Refreshed
Feb 29, 2012
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For out of town customers...customers that would be "tough" I would spend the extra few minutes. Their "local dealer" wouldnt do this. And I would get customers who would drive hours because they saw that I would give the service!