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Youtube Pre-Roll


Jul 30, 2009
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The second (often overlooked) element of video pre-roll is your landing page experience. Is there inventory on that page (if relevant to sales)? Is it clear why they should take the action?

I agree on the benchmarks, about $0.11-$0.16 CPC, but remember you only pay if they watch the entire video, if it's a YouTube TrueView ad. While on TV you can run to the restroom, make a sandwich, or do a myriad of other things during the 5-10 minutes of commercials, if you watch a 30 second ad (and don't skip) you're clearly interested in the message. Because of that, it seems like a valuable compliment to me.

Additionally, with Google's Multi-Screen study (and Jeff's stats), you could view it as a valuable branding tool to amplify your reach across multiple devices and create an eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) that actually makes your traditional media spend MORE effective.
Feb 14, 2012
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Here's the video that we are running right now with youtube preroll. Meet The Jorgensens! Chevyland Shreveport, LA - YouTube I used powtoon to create it. The video was completely free but I wanted to download it instead of having to share it through powtoon. That only cost me $225 roughly for a year subscription. Only 35% are skipping the ad within the first 25% and 18% are watching it to completion. I think that's pretty good but I don't really have much to benchmark it against.